Wednesday, 24 December 2014

24 December 2014

Daily Horoscopes by Alex Trenoweth

Whoa! The past few months must have felt like a roller coaster. As the new year dawns, it is time think business and consider what is working and what is no longer bringing you the results you want. Today is the day to be scrupulous about your reputation.

Business travel or opportunities for further development are your aims today. Making long term plans may keep you preoccupied today because you know a bit a planning will eventually pay off. Doing something a little out of the ordinary may tickle your ambitions

Be prepared for everyone asking what’s wrong! You are normally so flirty, so flippant but these days you’re taking things a lot more seriously. Financial anxiety may be at the roots of all this concern. It can be hard for you to stick to your plans but these next few days an action plan will help keep you on guard.

Wanna fight? It may seem like everything is going against you and you are under constant pressure to make decisions. There is little comfort in the world of business.  You may be feeling financially lucky these next few months but your cautious nature prevents you from doing anything too crazy.

Re-organising the beauty regime may be top of your priorities today. After all, looking good is your expertise and you and ZZ Top , above everyone else today ,understands that everyone’s crazy about a sharp dressed man (or woman). Such attention to detail may attract the kind of people you never thought you’d enjoy being around.

Hmmmm? Wake up! Tidy up! Don’t you have a date tonight? You’re a little distracted these days but if you can pull yourself together (put down that bottle of wine!), there are business opportunities to be had. You might not feel much like talking, but there’s a lot going on beneath you’re veneer of brooding silence.

Whew, financial crisis averted but you’re in no mood to mess around. It may feel like other people are pushing your buttons by messing up your carefully ordered little world. But holidays are for friends and you have lots of them—all ready to distract you from your secret plans to take over the universe.

The normally quiet you is finding it easier to come up with things to say. You’re feeling a little funky these days and may even be craving a little sunshine. To everyone’s surprise, you may even be feeling a little optimistic as you go out and about your business.

If you had been feeling a little smug recently, you may now be feeling the pinch of the penurious. It may seem everyone wants you to flash your cash (especially if you have kids). Watch what you say today—your words have a way of getting lost in translation.

There’s excitement in the air but you still can’t help but feel there’s going to be a big price tag.  And then there’s all this guilt about all the rubbish that’s been slowly (or maybe quickly) accumulating.. It’s time to get the family together and do something a little different.

Brace yourself for hugs and kisses. These days, it seems no one can resist an eccentric--especially one who is so adoringly lost and confused. Do let others look after you today but remember to hang onto your wallet.


Hello, earth to Pisces. . .Better get the Buck’s Fizz ready because everyone’s expecting you to provide the entertainment. Without realizing it, you have been sending out the vibes that you’re ready to party. However, as they say on public transport: “Mind the Gap”.

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