Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Daily Horoscope 25 December 2015


Many people view you as a breath of fresh air and admire you for your ability to revolutionise the workplace. But lately you’ve been feeling the strain of swimming upstream and long for a bit of peace and quiet. However, now that you’ve stirred up the passions of your nearest and dearest, there seems to be little chance of a quiet evening in.

You are preoccupied with the idea of making it big under your own terms. Other people sense this and it can make them a little nervous about the competition you bring.  It can be very easy for you to be over-sensitive about your reputation today.

Look to authority figures around you for financial help and guidance. It’s true you have some very big ideas indeed and you need to moderate these with practical applications before going ahead with them.

At the best of times, you’re not a fan of change, particularly the kinds of changes that affect your security. Today brings the potential for misunderstandings over finances: you may want to take a chance but your partner wants to play it safe.

You’ve gotten used to getting things done your way but now the big kid in you is having to do as it’s told. It doesn’t help that others around you keep enticing you to make mischief or encourage you to think outside the box.

Life has been a little intense lately and you may feel that you have been led astray and are now lost. It’s a great time to focus your feelings on doing something artistic: sing a little, dance a little. After all, it’s Christmas!

It’s one of the biggest nights of the year and you’ve put a lot of energy in getting everything and everyone in the festive spirit. But fighting children, jealous adults and an ornery spouse have frayed your nerves. Remember you’re the hostess with the mostess who can put everything right again.

Once again, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you’re struggling to swallow. Worse, now everyone wants to give you a helping hand. Is it really so bad to accept a little milk of human kindness every now and again?

Financial concerns can make everything seem heavy with responsibility. You want to join in the fun but are continuously worring about how you will pay for that university degree or foreign holiday. Tonight the stars say to put grievances aside and join the party.

For once you’re the life of the party so leave business matters to someone else for a change. There will be hell to pay if you this too often but it’s the festive season and you deserve a night off.

Just in the nick of time you start to feel warm and fuzzy (sort of) and you attract the attention of some ‘big names’. Ease up on the sauce or leave the business side of things for another day.


You’re starting to feel like the end is nigh so now think you can hit the ‘fun’ before the good times vanish in a puff of smoke. Let others take your place in the Congo line so you can enjoy a few good nights’ sleep and be the first off the mark when everyone ease is still sleepy.

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