Thursday, 25 December 2014

Daily Horoscope 26 December 2014

Your senses are heightened and you may be feeling a little sorry for yourself. Maybe you don’t feel very well or maybe you’re a little worried about what people are saying about the new you but you’re determined to do things your way no matter who advises you otherwise.

Just when you think you got it all worked out, something else comes around and spoils your plans. You may feel out of sync with your original intentions but it is important to listen and to speak with good, old-fashioned common sense.

You have always had the reputation for talking the hind legs off a donkey but today you out-do yourself. Beneath all your seemingly idle chit-chat lies a solid plan to make some serious money.

It seems everyone is talking business except you.  You have better ideas for investing your money and over the next couple of days, you may be looking for that ideal training course to help you do it.

Your wonderful plans seem to have gone a bit wonky these past few days and it’s getting harder and harder to boss people around. Have you lost your magic touch or are others getting wise to your overbearing ways?

Everyone seems so touchy-feely these days so you lay on the antibiotic gel and pray you don’t fall sick. It’s hard to be the practical thinker when everyone else seems to be sleeping. But mind your manners: people are paying more attention than you think.

Everything seems hard going when you’re emotionally bogged down. Things will take a turn for the better as the day goes on and you feel you can lose yourself in your daily routine.


You don’t feel as prickly as you did yesterday but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are any easier to handle. You send out mysterious and often easy to misread signals that can lull others into a false sense of security.


No one could ever accuse you of being too secretive. You wear your heart on your sleeve today as you struggle to balance your need to explore with your need to play it safe,


It’s hard to be involved with a game when you sit on the bench. Overcome your feeling of inadequacy by trying new tactics. A smile every now and again wouldn’t hurt either.

Everyone’s more at ease as you return to your Mr. Spock persona. Over the next few weeks, you will be at your inventive best so take advantage of your fearlessness in working alone and doing your own thing.


It’s so handy when the right people come along at the right time. Use your intuition to make sure you have the very best people on your side and you can’t go wrong.

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