Friday, 26 December 2014

Daily Horoscope for 27 December 2014

Photo of Alex taken by Wonder Bright at ISAR 2014

You are usually noted for your forthright and often impatient manner. Today you take others by surprise by showing deep and meaningful sympathy towards the vulnerable in society. Remembering what it is like to suffer,  you feel compelled to do good deeds.


In the past, you’ve held very strong beliefs on where and how you spend your holidays. To everyone’s surprise, you seem to be in the mood to take on the suggestions of family and agree to do something completely different for your next travel plans.


Bored and impatient, you finally find the courage to commit to that big writing project. You have a lot to say but want to say it right this time and are willing to heed the advice of people who are better experienced in such matters.


‘Tis the season to get organised and start freeing yourself from all your so called “treasures” which have been taking up unnecessary space in your closet or on your desk. It only hurts a little to make way for fresh new goodies.


You’re grappling with a routine that no longer seems to be working. The problem is that you can be very set in your ways. Today you realise your sloppy or unproductive ways might actually be costing you money and preventing you from buying the pretty things you like.


Always known for you fussy nature, these days you just can’t be bothered to be too particular about the small stuff. You leave others speechless with your radical thoughts and opinions. On the receiving end of your vitriol may be issues to do with childcare or modern romance.


Emotionally, something needs to give. You are so good at being diplomatic but are starting to feel others are taking advantage of you. Never one to lose your cool, you have the capacity to wind up other people so they express your rage for you.


You may feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders but that only means you have more strength to deal with all those emotions you’ve been bottling up. Sometimes doing something different such as visiting family or friends and telling them how you feel can help shift that mountain of pent up frustration.


The party’s over and you may be overcome with the dread that good times will never visit you again. There’s so much for you to sift through that you find it hard to resist the urge to run away to some far flung place to see if it’s any different there. Be patient and do some stock taking today.


You’re used to being in charge and having things in scrupulous order. Things have never felt uncertain because you’ve spent your whole life stabilising yourself and everyone around you. But not everything seems to be shifting on a grand scale. Look to children for inspiration and see how they don’t worry about the future.


Everyone knows you hate to be conventional but it really is time you put your finances in order and double check your bank statements. It only takes a small security breach before a whole lot of trouble comes your way. Play it safe financially.


You’ve been so busy that it’s been pretty impossible to look after yourself. You need a duvet day to recover. And if a whole day isn’t possible, then use what time you can to look after yourself. It’s not fun being sick—especially if you knew you could have taken preventative measures. for list of services

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