Saturday, 27 December 2014

Daily Horoscope for 28 December 2014

We are on the journey towards longer and warmer days. For everyone, on this Sun Day, it's a great time to turn our hopeful eyes towards better weather. In a few days time, believe it or not, we will be in perihelion--closest to the Sun!

Without further ado, here are your FREE daily horoscopes!


As the day goes on, you start to feel more and more impatient and irritable. Things just don’t happen fast enough for you. Do yourself (and everyone around you) a big favour by laying off the caffeine and taking lots of deep, cleansing breaths today.


‘It’s good to talk’ as the old telly advert said. The problem is you want to talk business and your conversations are peppered with potential money making propositions complete with high-risk deals and under the table negotiations. Consider if it’s worth the risk.


Commitment is a dirty word to you because you’re afraid committing yourself would mean you might miss out on something really good. These days, however, commitment means playing it safe. Something has given you the spooks and the very last thing you want to do is take risks.


You are in “Super Mum” mode today and will go out of your way to make sure everyone around you is well taken care of.  In particular, the health of your family is of concern to you and you find yourself drawn to buying every antibacterial product you can find.


You’ve had it lucky this past year and can’t resist one last super splurge. Go easy though—try to put away a little for the tough times. A finance overhaul is in the very near future and you may regret foolish spending.


You shouldn’t have to work so hard to have fun. You may have been let down in the past but it’s not to say everyone will  disappoint you when you ask for help. Perhaps let your critical guard down and appreciate that some people simply have their own ways of getting things done.


Daydreaming about the past seems to be a distraction to you. Former work colleagues and maybe even prior jobs and duties are given far more credence that they deserve. Move forward with your life and be excited about the future.


They say still waters run deep when they talk about Scorpios but that doesn't mean it's always a good idea to bottle things up. Today you may find being with pets or even going about your daily routine gives you a chance to express the real you that no one else really gets to see.


You certainly have the knack of skating on thin ice. Although you may have lost the taste for taking outrageous risks, you still enjoy seeing just how much you can get away with. Easy does it, Centaur--bones do break.


Privacy is becoming very important to you but it’s not always so easy to find it when you’re in the public eye. Why not try incorporating a few minutes of quiet meditation in your busy day? If you can set aside just a few minutes to concentrate on your goals, you will be much more content with the craziness around you.


Trust you to say anything! In fact, some people positively depend on it and set you up for it.  You may not believe it but you have ample intuition—use it to avoid other people using you to say what they don’t have the guts to say themselves.


You have the talent for making money disappear just as fast as you earn it. Today, take some time to care for your finances by making a budget (and vow to stick to it!).  Treat your money with the same care you would give a child and see how it thrives under your tender loving attention.

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