Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Daily Horoscope for 30 December 2014

The Moon moves into Taurus later today! Time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. . .

After all the excitement yesterday, today you wake up feeling that your bed is just too comfy a place to leave. Normally an energetic person, it isn’t like you to want to laze about. A good reason to get motivated? There’s money to be made!

It’s a great day to curl up with a good book (maybe re-read a favourite). It’s one of those gentle days that requires lots of pampering from others, a nice nibble of chocolate and a nip of decent brandy before bedtime. Hanging with friends you haven’t seen for awhile is a great idea too,

Lots of people seem to be demanding your time and sympathy. From late night phone call from a sizzled friend to door to door chuggers, everyone seems to think you have “Can I help you?” tattooed on your forehead. Be nice but be firm.

Financially you seem to be in great shape but as you worry about everything, today your turn your sad eyes to a friend who’s down on his or her luck. Looking after others comes so easy to you but why can’t you give yourself the same love and attention?

Starting to feel the money pinch? Seriously Leo, you don’t need things from the sales. And you really don’t need Star Trek pyjamas, another desk set and you definitely don’t need to buy anything else for your pet. Put your wallet away.

For sure, you are one of the zodiacs best intellects so why not put it to good use? The world needs to hear what you have to say so have some fun by putting pen to paper and letting the rest of us in your findings. Seriously, the rest of us need you!

Recently, you’ve been putting a lot of effort into caring for your family and home—even if no one seems to appreciate it. You will be rewarded for all your hard work and  there should be a little more jingle in your pocket if you continue to impress the right people.

No one has the ability to get to the point like you.  You can make jaws drop with a few carefully turned phrases  or you can get the whole world to sing your tune the way you want them to.  But today, you let your sensitive side show and let everyone know how much you care.


Quiet meditation and getting in touch with your emotional side is the order of the. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to see but you do have a great deal of sympathy for those who suffer—you just need to be given the space to show it,]

“Play time” for you often involves a lot of hard work. But sometimes getting those Legos out and putting something together can be very therapeutic. After all, you understand structure, reliability and order better than anyone else so why not share your knowledge with a child?

From a young age, you have believed that feelings belonged to others and you didn’t have them—at least not in the conventional sense.  However, your feelings are continuously burbling under the surface. Why not try talking about them today? Just to do something a little different!


You’ve been a star in the workplace and performed miracles with very few resources.  You do so much for other people but let today be a day you spend relaxing with friends and putting the world right through talking about an idea world.

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