Sunday, 28 December 2014

Free daily horoscopes 29 December 2014

Competition is not only rife but seems to come from the most unexpected places. You’re friends with someone one minute and the next, you’re looking over your shoulder to see if they’re up to no good. This is particularly true in the workplace: for today, make sure your privacy is extra protected.

Technology seems to out fox you at every corner. Why not confront your weaknesses by taking the sting out of them? A short course on spreadsheets or updating your current programmes might make everyone breathe a little easier.


You like to think of yourself as someone who doesn’t really need money. All you need is a book to read, a little coffee to drink and a job that allows your creativity to flow and you’re happy. But these days, you want a little more security and are taking steps to stabilize your future.

Your boss is a little unpredictable these days--which would be a serious problem if you weren’t so intuitive. Fortunately, you can imagine the long-term plan is not nearly as chaotic as others make out.

Your feet are itching and it’s hard to concentrate. You can’t wait to blow town and put your feet up in some far-flung place that really lets you get away from it all. Do remember to make bullet proof plans as your eagerness can lead to negligence.

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s anything you can’t predict. Other people don’t understand it but nothing gives you more pleasure today than spending a leisurely morning sorting through your budget “just in case”.

Today children or lovers create an unholy alliance with your career that makes you want to run screaming into next week. Hang in there, all will be much calmer tomorrow. In the meantime, don’t be drawn into making snap decisions or acting impulsively.

It troubles you how much is thrown away. If you put your mind to it, you can be a leader in showing how to recycle and re-use what would normally just be put in the nearest bin. You have a great message to give, why not start your own blog on recycling?

Fun? What’s that?  These days it seems as if everything has been turned inside out and you just don’t what you can trust anymore. Relax. The only thing you have to believe in is that everything will turn out all right eventually.

Today is a great time to reach out to siblings or neighbours. You are tuned into the needs of those around you and you can make the time to listen. Not usually gifted with saying the right things at the right time, you find you have the knack of giving comfort to those who really need it.

Money? Who needs it? You do! Today is not the day to pretend you are above creature comforts and security.  Accept help and advice when it’s needed and be gracious when it’s not.


A sudden flurry of cleaning activity leaves everyone scratching their collective heads. However, you see your cleaning phase as another opportunity to help those in need and there may even be an intrinsic benefit for you.

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