Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Daily Horoscope for 31 December

Mercury day!! Books are your path to success . . .choose a classic

Today your thoughts turn to food. Not just your everyday fare but rich, sweet, gooey comfort food that makes sugar levels spike and blood pressure sky rocket. Whether it’s boredom, anxiety or just plain old homesickness, it’s sometimes better just to enjoy life rather than become too bogged down in the consequences.

Did someone mention food? Today you’re wishing you’re an Aries (see above) but you have so much to say, you’re too busy to eat. Your advice seems to be wanted from every corner. And why not? You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating all that knowledge so take very opportunity to share it.

Today you’re feeling a bit left out in the cold and out of step with the rest of the world. Earthly matters such as money, routines and keeping a job longer than a few weeks are things you just don’t understand. It’s time to get a grip and start taking things a bit more seriously.

Today a woman friend lends a helping hand and your faith in humankind is restored. No one has helped you today? Well then take it as a sign that it’s time you are the one to lend that helping hand. Small gestures can really make someone’s day.

On this last day of the year, you have finally gotten yourself completely organised for the optimal push for a promotion. You feel in charge, you look magnificent and luck is on your side. Don’t forget to write your thank you cards to all the people who helped you on your way.

If you carry on treating your romantic adventures as if they were business transactions, you’ll drive away potential amorous suitors. Getting to grips with this romance business is slippery business indeed and you may need a bit more practice to see the results you really want. Try a home-cooked meal to impress that interested friend.

Today your home seems to be the base for the intellectuals. Simple conversations with friends turn into pontificating philosophical profundities that make your head throb. If you can find a way to get cosy, you’ll enjoy the depths of the topic so much more.

Relationships of all sorts need to be treated with tender loving care and attention. If you want someone to do you a favour, you might want to try a little extra sweetness to push them out of their comfort zone and see things your way.

As you tend to your daily rituals, take a bit of extra time to remember all that your mother did for you. Reminisces are often invoked through our sense of smell so treat yourself with a nice cup of java, a bouquet of flowers or invest in some new clothes for a walk down memory lane.

Today and tomorrow are excellent days to spend on your hobbies, although your idea of ‘hobby’ is everyone else’s idea of work. You have an usually artistic flair and a very good way with people today so make the most of it by meeting and greeting people you don’t normally mix with.

You still got the edge. Even better, you are willing to share your wild and crazy ideas with others. With buzzing conversations, you feel inspired to channel your eccentricities into delightful and very useful purposes.

Everyone’s talking about what we can do to make the world a better place. You have some way-out-there plans that are just waiting for the right moment to be presented. Now is not the time to be shy. Find a way to get your ideas across.

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