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Weekly Horoscope 29 December 2014

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The Moon works in very subtle ways. Intuitively, you would have set into motion new projects last week as the Moon was in its dark phase in the early degrees of Capricorn on the 22 December. For this lunar month (New Moon to New Moon), projects will involve stabilising and structuring business deals or career moves. This week, the Moon will move from its First Quarter phase into the Full Moon via a stage known as the Gibbous phase.  This is essentially a time of working hard to achieve new goals and targets. By understanding this phase, you can rest assured you are on the path to success.

Your patience this week is thin and you are very sensitive to sudden or unpredictable changes because you are anxious about not reaching your targets. Although you do not ask anything more from others than you would ask of yourself, you have the tendency to make those around you very uneasy. Be careful, the Boss is watching you and gauging how you manage under pressure. As the week goes on, your concerns turn towards finance and you may be in negotiations for a more stable pay structure.  By the time of the Full Moon next week, you should have news about how your plans are turning out.

The New Moon began with a vision for a successful business deal but this week, it may seem as if the right, influential people are not noticing your hard work. Instead, it may seem like everyone wants a handout. As the week goes on, it becomes easier to talk to those in authority and you may find out that they had noticed you after all. If you are making travel or education plans, you may receive the very beginnings of the signal to go ahead with them. By the time of the Full Moon next week, you are singing like the proverbial canary and can rightfully take pride in your ability to wait patiently.

Not known for using your intuition, the New Moon tickles your spidey sense and make you worried about money. Like any good Gemini, you talk over your concerns with anyone who will listen—and completely blow your strategy. Keeping secrets is not your strong point but try to keep your best ideas under wraps this week. By the time of the Full Moon next week, you should be pleasantly surprised that you are admired for using your discretion.

Always sensitive the Moon, Cancers are struggling to hold it together. It seems everyone is doing their best to antagonise you, particularly those who are in authority over you. Why is everyone driving you crazy? Because you hate change and thrive on stability. Take a deep breath and tune into the winds of change. It’s a fresh breeze that can help you unstuck yourself from the mud and offer you new choices. By the time of the Full Moon next week, you should get the recognition you have been striving for.

You’re more known for giving than receiving orders but this week has you running around in an apron and bearing a dust mop. Yes, you have felt the urge for a good old tidy up and in the process uncover some hidden treasures that you buried a long time ago. What will you do with them?  You could share them out with those closest to you but it would do your magnanimous reputation no harm to donate then to a charity of your choice. As tempting as it might be, don’t blow your own trumpet about this. By the time of the Full Moon, someone will do it for you and then you can truly bask in their admiration.

You like everything neat and orderly and that includes your relationships. But this week, you will find that no matter how much you scrub that damn spot, you just can’t get rid of it. You drive yourself as crazy as Lady Macbeth about this. Or you could distract yourself  by putting your energies into something far more productive. By the time of the Full Moon next week, you will be able to face differences with loved ones in a fair and equal manner.

You have been sorely tested with holiday festivities—and it may have felt like you did it for an unappreciative audience to boot. To make matters worse, you discover you’ve overspent and are short of cash as well. It’s high time you treated yourself with kindness by setting some time aside to just enjoy a good movie or whatever kind of escapism floats your boat. When the Full Moon comes, you will have a better perspective on yourself and may even decide it’s about time you ask for more or better contributions from those you feel are taking advantage of you.

You may have been working hard on a writing project or a plan to improve the neighbourhood or even a joint development with a sibling. Whatever it is, this week calls for a bit more organisation and a tidy up. What isn’t working? Be ruthless and purge yourself of whatever routine just isn’t doing it for you. If it’s people that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to, for the sake of business, tell them where they’re going wrong (in a nice way, Scorpion!). By the time of the Full Moon next week, you will have a better vision of what you can achieve.

You try to keep your head down but just can’t resist poking it over it over the parapet, can you? And in that instant, you see some things that worry you and shake up your idea of stability. As the week goes on, you might want to consider eating more healthily to keep up your strength or perhaps even starting a new exercise regime. Money worries you and you make plans to work extra hours or negotiate with authority figures for a better rate of pay. Although you may be the praying type, by the time of the Full Moon next week, you understand that hard work is the only way to get ahead.

Well, everything seems to be ticking over nicely, doesn’t it? You feel very comfortable indeed with what you’re doing. But despite the evidence in front of your eyes, you can’t help but feel uneasy. Perhaps things at home are not all they should be or maybe it’s just one of those bad feelings. Try not to be so pessimistic. By the time of the Full Moon next week, you will have a better understanding of what it is that is bothering you and you will have the strength and courage to put it right.

Everyone knows you march to the beat of a different drummer but do you have to be so LOUD about it? You might impress your boss with your audacity but you are making your colleagues very uneasy indeed. As this week goes on, try to use a little more subtlety is what you say and do—particularly at home. By the time of the Full Moon, you will be rewarded handsomely for your sensitivity. By the way, stay off the internet for awhile and talk to some real people for a change. The aliens aren’t coming this week.


You are highly tuned in to the suffering in the world—even more so than usual. In fact, your friends might even say you’ve made it career to help out those less fortunate than you. In the whole entire scheme of things, it is so nice of you to endeavour to be of service to others but for the love of God, look after yourself too. Have a bath, do some laundry, take a few minutes out of busy servitude to make sure you are also getting what you need. By the time of the Full Moon next week, you might find you are needed more than ever and you’ll be glad you took some time out to refresh yourself.

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