Tuesday, 13 January 2015

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You seem to be obsessed about an emotional issue that has been hanging over your head for some time. Although you have done well to keep things on a even keel, it all come to a crisis today. As you work through the drama, bear in mind things are better out in the open.


You may be feeling scrutinized and tested by other people which in turn makes you feel testy. You may be left wondering why some people can't leave well enough alone. In times like this, it is always best to ask your questions directly. There may be a perfectly innocent motive.


Today is a good day to consider your health routine. You have gotten into some bad habits which undermine your optimal physical condition that needs to be addressed. It is a good time to research technical topics and to focus your attention in the little things.


Today you might be feeling that there are deeper issues at stake than what you have previously believed. What had once seemed so innocent now really concerns you. Although there is no need to sound the alarms, a little more care and attention is required.


You have always been proud of your heritage but today something happens that fills your heart with an even greater pride. If you haven't already done so, let members of your family know how pleased you are to see they are doing so well. 


Generally, today is a great day for learning new skills or for contacting someone you haven't seen for awhile. Your ability to concentrate is greatly enhanced so you could also get on with a bit of critiquing or editing.


Lost something? Today there seems to be the feeling that you've misplaced something and can't remember what it is or where you might have left it. But you're sure you're missing something. Do check you have the most important things to get you through the day and don't worry about the rest.


Other people are not understanding you today. You may feel you're not sure about things yourself. Try to be as clear as you can be and focus on how you want others to treat you rather than trying to have control over how they feel about you.


It may seem as if everyone has it in for you but you can be sure you're just being a tad paranoid and letting your imagination run wild. Try channeling your concerns into something more useful like helping someone who is unfortunate.


Female friends seem to need your help today, particularly if they are a part of your groups and/or affiliations. You may be needed to fill in at a moment's notice, share your lunch or just be that strong shoulder to cry on. Be strong for someone who is struggling today.


Expressing your feelings is not easy for you but you feel a little compelled to let your boss know what is going through your mind. You are being hyper sensitive to the work environment and it take everyone by surprise.


You weren't the best of students because it can take a long time to engage you in something you're not sure of. Today, however, is your chance to be a great teacher: help a pupil who is studying by assisting them with organising themselves or sticking to a difficult task. They will thank you for it.

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