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Daily Horoscope for 3 January 2015

There are lots of astronomical events happening today. Firstly, tomorrow around 10am, Venus will be packing her bags and leaving Capricorn for Aquarius. And who can blame her for wanting to leave the world of business and stability of Capricorn for a little slap and tickle with the unpredictable Aquarius? At around 6:34pm, the Sun illuminates all that Pluto has been getting up to—be prepared for a few news shockers as the day goes on. Also the Moon leaves Gemini tonight and enters into Cancer so it’s time to put the books and games away and spend some quality time with friends. And if all that weren't enough, there are five planets visible in the night sky this month.

Celebrity birthdays on 3 January: author J.R.R. Tolkien, actress Victoria Principal and actor John Thaw

Celebrity Profile: Mel Gibson

Attributed to Georges Biard
Gibson was born with hard working Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Scorpio. He first came to our attention in 1981 in Gallipoli, a movie which secured his reputation as a serious actor as Jupiter was conjunct his natal Neptune. In the run up to transit Jupiter opposite natal Neptune, he had begun starring in the Lethal Weapon series. Following a series of semis squares between the same planets, he directed, produced and starred in Braveheart in 1995. Just after Saturn’s conjunction to natal Jupiter, he again directed, produced and starred in a movie: this time it was The Passion of Christ in 2004. Controversy surrounding the movie included anti-Semitism which had clearly upset him.

Almost to the exact day, as transit Saturn opposed his natal Venus, Gibson was arrested for DUI which coincided with an anti-Semite rant that tarnished his career. He apologised for his ‘despicable behaviour’ on national television and entered an alcohol recovery programme.

Interestingly, Gibson has publically stated that he began drinking alcohol at the age of 13, a crucial age astrologically as it is just after the first Jupiter return but before the first Saturn opposition. The graphic ephemeris shows he had a series of three Jupiter conjunctions at this time, followed by a single Saturn opposition at about the age of 16½. Habits formed during the adolescent years are notoriously difficult to break because the brain is undergoing rapid development. For further information on this, go to my article, here.

Saturn has been hard on Gibson but he still has two Saturn conjunctions to go as the planet of hard work reverses and ploughs back over its natal position. Between these two conjunctions, Jupiter will be conjunct the natal ruler of his Saturn, Pluto followed by another Jupiter return. The second Saturn return and fifth Jupiter return indicates a person has achieved wisdom. For 2015, Gibson will have to tap into all he has learned in order to re-create himself as a fine upstanding citizen and consummate actor or he will have to stay off the stage altoether.

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Happy (well, kind of) Saturn day! It’s a really good time to take of business before the Full Moon in Cancer in a few days time.

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Today some serious issues in the workplace pop out for you to deal with.  The good news is, as they say, it’s all better out than in but that doesn’t make it easier to get a grips with. Try to view the situation as an opportunity to turn a bad thing into one that can teach all involved how to cope with a crisis.

There are just a few last minute touches to put on any long term plans. You’ve been benefitting from leaning and studying and very soon you will get your chance to show what you can do. Over the next few months, you can win over the boss by being charming and polite—and not being afraid to ask for what you want.

You’ve been very fidgety and it’s been hard to keep your attention these past few days. As the Moon leaves your sign, you start to get that first warm glow of basking in someone else’s tender loving care.  If you want to be your normal, mischievous self and take advantage of this, you might want to ask for a little old pay rise.

All eyes are on you as everyone feels drawn to your warmth and ability to dish out the sympathy. As the Full Moon approaches, you may become more anxious than usual. There may some difficult decisions to make so try to take just as much care for yourself as you do for others.

You’ve been on the receiving end of some intense pressure from someone close to you. You don’t like it but you’re quite sure what to do about because it’s so subtle. You want to be yourself but it just feels that you’re expected to be someone you have no interest in being.

Lately, you’ve enjoyed a lot of good times with family and friends—which of course is always nice. But you are just about to enter a time when you feel you can really be yourself by giving some of that peace and joy to others. There’s a strong need to ensure everyone receives their equal share but be sure the same applies to you.

You seem to be fighting a losing battle trying to keep everything in order but things are starting to go your way and you will feel like having fun again very soon. However, you may still be a little fragile emotionally until you make up your mind about the big issue you’ve been putting off.

Well, the secret’s out but you’ve done well in playing your cards very close to your chest. As the Full Moon approaches, you can say you knew it all along. Or, you can get the mop and bucket out and get on with the clear up. No one will thank you for saying ‘I told you so’ but they will be appreciative of your practical support.

It’s time to pay the piper and all his siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins three times removed. It is time to look at your finances very closely and make your mind up who deserves what. You’ve gotten away with dodging responsibility but now it’s time to stop passing the proverbial buck.

Although you may have viewed the so-called New Age as a load of hokum in the past, the Powers That Be seem to have your attention now. You are starting to realise there is so much beyond the mere physical universe and are ready to accept healing. All you have to do is ask.

Talking to yourself and pretending you don’t understand what is going on with solve absolutely nothing. It’s time to take some action and get in there. Not sure what to do? Use your intuition—yes, you do possess it. And today it can be a very useful tool.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Lately you’ve felt frustrated because nothing seemed to be happening but today, many things come out in the open that help you to see what to do next. Take advantage of this new information because it will lead to new opportunities beyond your very ample imagination.

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