Thursday, 1 January 2015

Daily Horoscopes for 1 January 2015

A very happy 2015 to you! It's not just any day: it Thor's day!! Or in Roman mythology, Jupiter's day!

As an astrologer, I don’t celebrate the New Year the same as everyone else. Instead I celebrate the Winter Solstice which marks the astronomical start of the Sun’s return to northward movement. It means lighter days are coming! It’s the first signal that the light will win over darkness. Over the Christmas break, I like to spend time clearing out, sprucing up and polishing things so I can enjoy the new astronomical year with a fresh start.

But a lot of people do celebrate the New Year on 1 January in their own traditional ways and by welcoming the first day in our calendar year with shouts and cheers and fireworks. I love it that the chiming of the clock every hour during between 10am on 31 December and noon 1 January means someone else, somewhere else is celebrating. It means the New Year’s chart is a valid one (in my opinion) for the entire year. The problem is: which time is the right time? One of the first countries to celebrate New Year ’s Day is Kiribati and one of the last is Honolulu which celebrate at noon 1 January GMT (time in London). Potentially, this would mean there are 26 charts (at least!) to calculate for each time zone. Well that would be craziness—in fact, it’s kinda the craziness I might like to do next year but this year, I’m sticking with 00:00 1 January, London England. What is fascinating is that every time zone would have its own chart with varying angles and degrees for the Moon. Spare a thought for Honolulu who has Moon conjunct Algol for the whole year!

So for the moment, here are your horoscopes for this first day of the New Year. I am working on re-formatting this blog so individual signs are clickable but for the moment, you’ll have to scroll down. Later this week, I will be posting PREDICTIONS for 2015 and I’ll slowly be adding yearly horoscopes for each sign, starting with birthday babies, Capricorn.

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What is the price tag on friendship? It’s a question you may be asking yourself when others challenge you on your over abundant financial assistance for a friend in need. Of course, money isn’t your only resource—time, advice and sympathy can also be amply given out. You will find out if you have been right to do this in a few days’ time when the truth comes to light.

Today you are the ultimate do-er. Gone are the days when you might prefer a long lie-in, a leisurely breakfast, a day at the spa or an afternoon in the pub. You are humming with ambition, both in the workplace or the home. Whilst in fantastic to want to get things done, it is a holiday—be extra careful in the kitchen or anywhere near hot water.

Go get some sellotape. Pull some from the roll. Starting about two inches under your nose, begin wrapping the tape around your head until you can’t move your lips. Now leave it there. Honestly Gemini, loose lips sinks ships. Be quiet and go listen to some music. The temptation to offend someone’s religious or philosophical views is very likely. Shhhhhhh!

Taking time out to worship in whatever manner you are accustomed to or have ever desired to explore is important to you today. Quiet meditation, chanting or just reflecting on the year ahead will help you feel secure and grounded. It might be important to have friends who shares similar beliefs around you as well.

Charging around like a crazed lunatic is not only likely to make everyone else crazy—you’re likely to get hurt too. It’s a good day to spend a bit of time fixing up those potential accident zones like those pesky loose nails in the floorboards, those low swinging overhead fixtures, the unguarded fireplace . . . (maybe even get someone else to fix them). You have a lot of energy to get things done but you do not want to end up in A and E.

Keeping a dream diary can very often be a useful tool when trying to make a decision. You’ve had a lot on your mind and as much as you like sorting things out, you can’t seem to get a grip on this particular problem. In some ways, you want to do things completely differently but on the other hand you just want to give it the ‘Frozen’ treatment and Let It Go.

You’re on a friend-making overdrive and over the past few months might have joined more groups or affiliations than Dale Carnegie (the author of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’) on speed. Interestingly, Carnegie had Uranus in Libra and he wrote that it was possible to change other’s behaviour by changing your own first. Some food for thought for you today.

You want it all and you want it now, Scorpio! Before you jump into any hasty deals, sit back a bit and look at things objectively. Could you be selling yourself short? Authority figures are bargain hunting so make sure you aren't just jumping the gun for the sake of a little bit of progress. Trust your intuition--and don't let others influence your decisions.

First of all, see the advice for Gemini above. Yes all that. Or maybe you can just hang out with all your Gemini friends and talk so much trash no one actually listens. Be aware that what you say can hurt people. As the old saying goes: “Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can break a heart.”

Sex! It sells! But does it make you happy? You may yearn to ‘merge’ (take that in any way it is appropriate) with another person but you may not actually get what you want. Before making a commitment, make sure the core beliefs of you what the other person is looking for make a good match. There’s nothing worse than making assumptions about someone else’s moral attitudes and then finding out you were wrong.

Conflicts with a significant other can be very testy today. It could be the sore heads, it could be the anti-climatic start to the year or it be that you realise that the other person is not who they appear to be. They could be over-protective which stifles you or religiously over-zealous which angers your Humanist spirit. It’s you, Aquarius.  Find your optimism again.


Getting people to feel sorry for you is your specialism today. You may genuinely not be top shelf but do you really need to lament on social media sites? There are much better ways of getting attention—try helping someone else in need. Your efforts will be appreciated and it will distract you from your own troubles for awhile.

Famous people born on 1 January: writers J.D. Salinger, Joe Orton and EM Forster

January 1 Celebrity Profile:

Verne Troyer: ‘Mini Me’ from Austin Powers!

Born with Jupiter conjunct Uranus, it isn’t surprising Verne stared out his acting career as a stuntman. Although he had appeared in several movies before, it was Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in 1999 that made him famous. Transiting Jupiter opposed his natal Mars the year the movie came out. A couple years later, in 2001, he portrayed a goblin in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone as transiting Jupiter squared his natal Mars.  In 2008, a very unfortunate sex tape was leaked to the public as transiting Jupiter made a series of uncomfortable semi squares to his Neptune (he eventually sued for invasion of privacy and copyright infringement). Troyer has been out of the limelight in recent years, although he posed for photographs for football fans in late 2014, just after Jupiter again squared his natal Mars.
Could love be in the air for Verne? In 2004, transiting Saturn opposed his natal Sun (three times that year) when he married--but then had the marriage annulled the next day. In 2015, Jupiter, a far luckier planet will oppose his natal Venus—perhaps Verne will be ready to take another chance on love.

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