Friday, 2 January 2015

Daily Horoscopes for 2 January 2015

Today it is Venus day or, in Norse mythology, Freyja’s day. Freyja was a goddess associated with love, war, sex, beauty, fertility, sorcery and death. Because English is a West Germanic language, Freyja’s day became Friday (actually it’s far more complicated than that—you can read more about it here). 

On this Venus day the Jupiter-Mars opposition is still in force meaning we should all be careful of horseplay, recklessness and being overly enthusiastic as we go about our daily business. Weirdly, Uranus is on the midpoint of the Sun/Pluto so it’s a great day for all protesters and reformers. Hey guys, we love what you’re doing but don’t get arrested! The Moon has now moved into the sign of Gemini so OK, Geminis and Sagittarians, you can start talking again!

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And so on with the Horoscopes!

Don’t be so hard on yourself today. Known for your energy and impulsiveness, if something isn’t going well, you blame yourself. Today is the day you can blame the boss or anyone who is authority over you. Someone’s being shifty and not completely up front, so don’t get too worked up about it. All will come to light a little later.

Your carefully laid plans are going a bit pear shaped. You’ve been a bit quiet about them, why not try to open up and talk to someone about them? Very often bringing things out into the open is a very good way of looking them objectively. Listen to what other people say—they are not so personally wrapped up in the situation and therefore can see a lot more clearly.

If you went off and said everything that came to your mind yesterday (when I told you to keep quiet!), then today you are dealing with the fallout. Friendships may have suddenly been broken off and will be in need of your care and attention. If you did keep quiet yesterday then it should be clear why it was so important to maintain your silence.

Romantic overtures look a little messy today, making it difficult to concentrate at work. Your reputation is important to you so try to keep these very different parts of your life separate. The temptation to be the fixer-upper will be met with unusually firm resistance. Sometimes it is best to leave things as they are and try again when everyone is in a better mood.

If you’re going to start trouble today, then make sure no one notices. But that’s rather impossible for you so it’s best to play it safe by watching the action from the sidelines. On a different note, you never truly appreciate your good health until you fall ill—take good care of your body and establish good health routines to fight off illnesses. It can’t do any harm to have a good detox.

Getting people to do what you’ve asked them to do it a challenge these days. You’ve made your point very clearly but still nothing gets done to the standard you require. So you end up doing it yourself. This long established routine is about to blow up into an almighty row over who should do what, when and how.

Some unpleasant family issues have been preoccupying you these past few weeks. Perhaps they haven’t come to light sooner because you’ve been so busy doing other things. Today is a very good day to have that serious talk to see if there is some way you can help. Be prepared to get your hands dirty.

You’ve been talking revolution for quite some time now but before you walk out of your job or hand in your resignation in a huff, stop. Just stop. There is a great potential for negotiating a pay rise or promotion. It’s just not the right moment now. What you can do is speak with your colleagues to see if something can be done to make things better amongst yourselves.

Making decisions has never been your strong point because you are so keen to avoid taking responsibility for anything. The problem is everyone knows this about you and now they are waiting for you to do something. Carefully try to get a feel for how others might feel about the situation and make up your mind about the best course of action.

Are you keeping other people at arm’s length for any particular reason? By understanding what it is that makes you so distant and unreachable, you will tap into a very meaningful reason to open up again. Having a heart to heart talk with a loved one can bring about a profound change that revolutionises the way you see the world.

You are the rebel of the zodiac and for most of your life you’ve tried to be as aloof and uncaring as possible. People expect it from you. So when you turn up the romance in your relationship, your partner gets a little suspicious. Try to be a little more subtle with your displays of affection.

It’s a fantastic day to prepare a homemade meal for a loved one. Do ensure you follow the recipe because derivations will not be appreciated. However, don’t be afraid to add a personal touch—presenting it in a unique way, for example, might impress much better.

Famous people born on this day: Taye Diggs, Tia Carrere and Christy Turlington

Celebrity profile: Cuba Goodling, Jr, born 2 January 1968

Photo from Wikipedia, attributed to Flickr

Gooding got his break at his second Jupiter return as transit Jupiter was conjunct his natal Jupiter three times in 1991when he starred in Boyz in the Hood. In 1996, transit Jupiter made several conjunctions to natal planets in Capricorn as he achieved memorable fame for shouting the phrase “Show Me the Money” in Jerry Maguire in 1996. Transit Jupiter opposed those same planets towards the end of 2013 as his marriage to childhood sweetheart Sara Kapfer disintegrated. Jupiter is usually known for the luck and fortune he brings but difficult transits (such as oppositions) can mean the individual is struggling for freedom. Aside from smaller film roles and a stage debut on Broadway, Gooding has been a little on the quiet side. Later this year as Jupiter enters Virgo, he will undergo a series of three Jupiter returns. He's been fussy about his work but it's about to pay off. Troublesome Saturn is conjunct his natal Venus three times this year. Could Gooding be about to commit to a new love?

Astro news for 3 January

Photo by Georges Biard
Tomorrow, it's Saturn Day! Also it's Venus' last day in Capricorn as she packs her bags and movies into Aquarius!

Celebrity profile: the delectable but controversial Mel Gibson

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