Friday, 23 January 2015

FREE daily horoscopes for 23 January 2015

Did you manage to see that beautiful waxing crescent moon just after sunset yesterday? A magnificent sight and a great reminder that our plans and ideas that we make this week will be growing and developing with each passing day. Speaking of plans, Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is actually an excellent opportunity to re-do or resolve technical issues. Personally, I will be looking at updating my website to include these daily horoscopes and generally re-organising this blog and other things I do. For example, here is a link to my podcast with Jessica Adams that I need to incorporate into my ongoing astrological collection of works. So here are your daily horoscopes. Just a quick note. . .thanks to all the people who have linked, shared and liked this blog. Your support keeps me going! Don't forget about the special offer for 2015! Have a great weekend!


You may find you are a little more forgetful than usual today. It will help to make a list to prioritise responsibilities. If you are the kind who likes to imbibe on a Friday night, cool it a little today as the fun won't be worth the hangover tomorrow.


It may be hard to understand what your friends and associations actually expect from you. Spending a little time reflecting on your own talents can help you to clarify what you can offer. Once you have an idea, you can then share it with others.


You are being asked to give a lot of yourself in career and today you may be wondering if it is all really worth the effort. Reflecting on what you do whilst bearing in mind what others do for you can help you find a balance between willful service and unappreciated sacrifice.


If your head is stuck in books or study, it can be hard to appreciate the true value of learning unless you can see(or remember) what it is you are trying to achieve. Look up and around you. You are here for a reason and you are doing this for a reason. Remember that.


You're not one who likes to a be kept to one side. Being in the dark is a distinctly unpleasant place for you but today there is definitely an advantage to having to investigate those dark corners. This opportunity will give you a chance to understand what makes others tick.


Today you are very in tune to other people and you may even feel you can psychically understand those around you. This advantage will no doubt provide you with valuable information on how others tick and will give you ample time to consider who is worth your time and efforts.


Taking time to reflect on what you do well is needed today. Certain people have been taking advantage of your good nature and hard work. You are naturally good at working well with other people but you shouldn't have to tolerate someone else's bad manners.


You're feeling unusually schmoozy and romantic. Your warmth and need for security takes other people by surprise and you may raise suspicions about what you are really after. It's hard for others to see you as someone who is vulnerable so be honest about what you need.


What you need is a 'flake-out' day. It may be a work day but you can still find ways to withdraw from the craziness of your usual routine. You need to re-charge and reflect on what you need out of life and spend a little time re-thinking your strategy.


Creative writing projects may not be your usual idea of fun but tapping into your often neglected imagination can give you a real and tangible idea for how to proceed. Tricky conversations are best left for another day unless you can be truly 'fluffy bunny' with the other person.


Double check your bank statements, re-read the electricity meter and examine the gas bill carefully. It's time to think about how your money is being wasted and to take measures to ensure your finances are in tip top shape.


Lucky, lucky you. You are in your element and more than any other star sign, you can function in chaos and achieve much in all the confusion. You are at your creative best this week so make sure you only commit to things that put your talents in a good light.

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