Wednesday, 21 January 2015

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The Moon in Aquarius joins Mercury and Mars for a spectacular stellium. Unfortunately, we won't be able to see it because it will occur during the daylight hours. With so much Aquarius energy about, it might be harder for us to express our feelings or to express warmth and love. However, Aquarius is very good at finding a way, somehow. Be prepared for some very bizarre displays of affection and some truly weird messages as the day goes on. As with all things Aquarius, don't take anything too personally!!


Step away from the computer. Now. Close down the browser and go hang out with your friends. It's a great time to share mutual interests, to network with those you don't see very often and just shake up your normal schedule.


Computer crisis? Don't get mad and punch the monitor. Make friends with your operating system and get ready to learn something new. What you learn is bound to make your life much simpler and will eventually help your job performance in the new future.


Today you will be feeling more restless than usual. You long for something interesting to come along and might think it's a good idea to provoke some poor soul into an argument with you. It might be a fun distraction for you but how about sparing a thought for the other person?


You'll be experiencing some intense emotions today and it's very possible jealousy will rear its ugly head. If you catch yourself stalking someone on the social networks, bear in mind you have the capacity and self control to find something far more useful to do.


You may be a little upset other people keep stealing your thunder. You've always had trouble sharing the stage so why not be a little gracious and let someone else have a bit of the limelight? Your generosity is far more likely to make a better impression.


You are the able to make sense out of the most ludicrous of ideas. Not being known for your love of the unusual, you take everyone by surprise by shaking up your usual routine and befriending the most unlikeliest of companions.


You are in the mood for mischievousness and enjoy disturbing the status quo by playing Devil's advocate. It's fun creating havoc and even better if you can get the children in life to join. Play some pranks, throw a party and just let your hair down.


Today you enjoy pretending you don't really need anyone or anything. Although you enjoy company, more typical expressions of affection turn you cold. Members of your family may feel temporarily neglected and could possibly get the wrong idea. Be nice to them.


Oxymorons, puns, malapropisms, palindromes, spoonerisms and neologisms are your speciality today. Put pen to paper or get your chapstick out to loosen those lips and have some fun with word play today.


Always the keen businessperson and not one for toys, today you might want to spend a bit of time investigating how to organise yourself by using technology. There's plenty on the market to help you be even more time and energy efficient. 


You little weirdo, you. Bask in the affection and admiration of others today. Of course you don't anyone to know you really do enjoy a bit of admiration but smile with gratitude anyway. Days like this don't happen very often. 


It's harder than ever to keep your mind focused on what you're supposed to be doing. However, it's a good time to dig deep to find your inner disciplinarian and to do something productive to turn your dreams into a reality.

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