Thursday, 29 January 2015

FREE horoscope for 30 January 2015


Over the past few years, you have always been one for sorting out the good stuff from the bad stuff when it comes to business. But over the next few weeks, you will also have an intense manner of dealing with the 'lame ducks' that quite frankly borders on bullying. Ease off a bit.


No one could ever call you a dreamer because you have your feet so firmly grounded in reality. On top of that, you truly understand the meaning of 'pie in the sky'. So when a friend comes to you with another hare-brained idea, you tell them a few truths. As Yeats once said: 'tread softly'.


In can take a lot of effort to get and keep your attention because you don't like to look at things too closely. However, a situation has been building up in the workplace that has you fascinated. Don't be too distracted by what the boss is up to.


Lately it may seem that all the troubled souls are attracted to you and you've had to waste time trying to work out who is worthy of your efforts and who isn't. One way to save you some tine is by asking yourself if the other person can truly help you further your plans.


You have the very useful talent for concentrating on details. This applies to the more hidden resources by way of skills and abilities employees around you may have. Through working carefully with colleagues, you can turn this skill into something more lucrative. 


Although you may not be known for being the party animal of the zodiac, it is no excuse for being a party pooper. Instead of walking around tut-tutting everyone else's idea of fun, why not put some energy into getting into the mood?


Today is a really good time to spend some time reflecting on your childhood. If it possible, spending time with or setting aside some time in your busy day to appreciate the memories of your parents will help you put some closure on some troubled memories.


Your early education may be something which has not brought out the best in you. Although you may feel very resentful about this, these next few weeks will be a good time to spend some time with creative play to bring out the latent artist in you.


Although finances and home may not be your particular favourite topics, spending a little time considering these important realms of life will be very beneficial. Deep down inside you know what needs to done and you just have to get to it.


For a few years, you have been doing a lot of self examination and to be honest, you've been quite hard on yourself. Instead of focusing what isn't right, perhaps you should focus on all that is going well--starting with what you say about yourself and what you do.


It is important for you to take yourself seriously and to be aware of your own personal power. You have many resources available and today is a very good day to stock of your talents and resources. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you are capable of.


To you 'power' can be a very scary word. It means you have to step up to the plate, pay attention and do something very important. Fortunately, you have a lot of support. If in doubt, ask your friends and associations for their opinion. You'll be blown away by how many people are willing to help.

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