Saturday, 10 January 2015

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Today the Moon moves into Libra, signifying an optimal time for putting some effort into our relationships with others. It’s a great time for a hot date or indulging your loved one. Give way a little over the next few days, be extra kind and perhaps spend a little more time on your beauty regime to make an impression on someone special.

Celebrity birthdays: Mary J Blige and Naomi Judd


People are impressed with your manners and patience. It might take a little self control on your part, but making someone feel special will pay off. Making a good impressions not only draws people to you but keeps them interested.


You’re such a practical person that you can forget how adding a few decorative details to your work environment can make a difference to how you feel about your job. Flowers on your desk, a little chocolate to share with colleagues and most of all, a smile on your face can transform your environment.


Children (small or big) feature strongly in your life today. Playing or creating fills you with happiness and entertains your inner child. Try dressing up, watching Disney videos and baking cupcakes. Taking a chance by flirting with a certain unattainable someone special will have some surprising results.


Ring home or maybe write a letter to someone you haven’t seen for a while. Memories hold the key for keeping you content. Researching into family history will uncover some amazing facts and a familiar voice makes you very happy indeed.


A conversation with a neighbor reveals some delightful news. A phone call to a brother or sister (or someone like a sibling) can give you the motivation to change the way you see the world. Be share to share your news with someone close to you.


You’ve been on a massive tidy up and have gotten rid of everything you think you can do without. But today, you get the distinct impression that maybe you were a little quick to throw a few things away and spend some time re-claiming things.


Time spent pampering yourself is the order of the day. A good facial followed by a (small) indulgence of something sweet and a little gossip with your friends with rejuvenate you and help restore some much needed balance after a difficult week.


Take a backseat for the next couple of days and let someone else do the worrying. The temptation for you is to be everything to everyone—and then complain that you feel taken advantage of. Have a little sleep, an indulgent glass of wine and you will have that re-boot you’ve been craving.


Today, you need to feel that you belong. You’ve had a difficult few weeks acclimatizing yourself to some serious restructuring and today you just need to be with friends, play a few games and just spend some time thinking about what you really want.


You’re tired of not being recognized for all you do and it may even feel that someone else is getting the recognition for all your hard work. It’s hard to live up to everyone’s expectations but it’s important to remember it is your own good self who is often hardest on you.


Shifting goalposts make you want to pack your bags and go someplace where things are warmer, quieter, the beer is colder, the grass is greener—and everyone is 100% sure of what is expected of them. Appreciate what you have.


Today you want to push your luck and see what you can get away with. You want change but you’re not sure what you want to change or how you can bring about this change. There seems to be secrets around you but you are left feeling kept in the dark.

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