Monday, 12 January 2015

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It's one of those days that seems to drag on forever. Others around you seem completely bewildered by the simplest of instructions and you find yourself constantly repeating everything you say. Although it may seem like nothing much can be done, if you concentrate more on good manners and sending out happy vibes, you will find it easier to get people to cooperate.


To your annoyance, you find yourself cast into the jack of all trades role today. It seems like everyone has something to say about how you manage your business and family life and very little is of relevance to you. If you can focus on what is important, you will much more productive.


Flitting around from one topic to another is a sure way to waste time. You have a lot to say but unfortunately, so does everyone else so what you have to communicate gets completely lost. It is an excellent day to do some writing but be prepared for your work to need a lot of editing.


Today is not a good day to seek financial advice or to invest your money. There's a lot of unqualified advice around you that may sound like it could be beneficial but is actually just a lot of hot air. You should do your own investigation into what is best for you and not worry what others think.


You know what they say: "They bigger they are, the harder they fall." It may seem to you that everyone want to have a pop at you. Although it can be hard to take, try to remember why it is happening in the first place: you can't be right all the time but you come across knowing what you-re talking about.


It's difficult to get things done when you have to spend so much time telling other people how you them to things they already know how to do. Instead of taking control of every detail, try to let others do things the way they like. If they make a mistake, they will see their errors and correct them.


There's no shortage of admirers but could they be less eccentric? You may long for the tried and trusted "type" but today, it just isn't going to happen. Weirdos of all sorts follow you around, asking silly questions and trying to get your attention.


Your ability to get to the heart of the matter is a valuable asset but you do have a talent for silencing everyone at the dinner table with your intense conversations. The challenge for you today is to pick your moment a little better and realise that some topics are better discussed behind closed doors.


Choose your words very carefully today. It is easy to talk about things that don't matter and not take anything seriously. There is an important message you have to give but it will fall on deaf ears unless you first put some thought into what you need to say.


You might be tempted to invest money in very unusual ways today. The things that grab your interest have always been a little questionable but before you invest in that collection of "one of a kinds" perhaps you had better consider if it's going to be worth all the laughs it will raise when others find out.


You have the habit of keeping people an arm's length away. Although this keeps others from getting to know you better, it also gives out the distinct impression that you want to be alone. No one expects a snuggly cuddle from you but perhaps you can just take the barriers down every now and again.


You may be feeling the sting of ambition and the feeling you should be doing something productive. Instead of taking a nap until the feeling passes, why not take a few moments to think about what you'd like to achieve. A burst of energy is coming your way very soon.

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