Wednesday, 14 January 2015

FREE horoscopes for 15 January 2015


It may seem to you that everyone is talking about money or making plans about how to invest it, spend it or get more of it. Although such talk may make you uncomfortable, the next few days are very good times for you to throw yourself into some fundraising projects.


You have the magic touch as far as finances are concerned. You understand how it works and have a clear belief on how it should be managed. Whilst this may work very well in the workplace, it is far less successful in the home. Try to consider the feelings of significant others in these matters.


With your level of love and expertise for technology, isn’t it time you started sharing it with others? You have an uncanny way of delving into the heart of what matters over the next few days. Developing your knowledge by teaching what you know will make it impossible to forget what you have learned.


Today you may be involved in deep conversations over who should control the finances in your household. Many people seem to be under the impression they are the ones who should be in charge whilst you (of course) have a very different opinion.


You have been forewarned previously that the time for tightening the belt would come and now it would appear to be here. Your spending habits are unappreciated by your nearest and dearest so it really is time to make a budget and stick to it.


Your passion for writing is likely to pay off if you are unafraid to confront the types of emotions most people are afraid to think about. You have a quirky way of expressing yourself that just needs the opportunity for an audience.


Children and finances are likely to be the big bones of contention as this week goes on. Making big decisions or risking it all on a careless gamble may be a temptation just to clear space for other things. Hold off doing either until you can see things more logically.


As the day goes on, you may feel you just want to hide away from everyone and everything. You may feel pressured to become involved in something you’d rather avoid but yet there seems to be no escaping it. You have much to offer if you can just trust your instincts about what is right.


You’ve over stretched yourself again and it’s time to give yourself a bit of a break. It is so easy to make mistakes or to have accidents if you’re in a rush. You may enjoy a hectic lifestyle but you also need to plan some quiet time.


Friends might wonder what has gotten into you because you have become impossible to predict. Everything you do and say seems to have some sort of twist to it. Keep track of your new innovations because they will pay off.


These days you seem to be putting in a lot of energy into spending as much money as recklessly as you can. To you, spending what you like is the ultimate freedom; to others, it’s just an ostentatious showing of wealth. Think of how others might view you.


Although patience is usually regarded as a virtue, over these next few weeks, it will be your vice. Don’t wait for others to take the opportunities that should be yours. Seize them while they’re still hot. Your future success depends on it.

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