Thursday, 15 January 2015

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You may feel deeply doubtful that you will be able to achieve what you want and are unduly hard on yourself. You will have to dig a little deeper to meet your targets: remember, this is only a temporary measure. If you have to travel, it will be for business or for matters that are serious so be sure to take some creature comforts with you.


Business dealings must be arranged today or there could be serious consequences. You may feel an urgency in all you do and say—and to make matters worse everyone is taking things with an unsmiling grimness. Try to avoid becoming too bogged down with pessimism because this is only a temporary measure.


Today is not the best time for your pranks and sarcastic comments. You will be the only one who thinks you are funny. In your relationships and close associations, no matter how much you hate to be a stick-in-the-mud, you need to take things very seriously. Financial issues made need to be addressed and that too is nothing to laugh about.


In the workplace, you may feel uncomfortable that you can’t do as you please. There is an unpleasant feeling of obligation that blights out any opportunity for independence or autonomy. It can be hard to believe this is only a temporary measure but rest assured, all will be back to normal soon.


You may put into a situation whereby you are obligated to ‘babysit’ a person in need. Whilst you usually don’t mind being put in a mothering (or fathering) role, it gets to you that you are not being allowed to do something far more useful. Bear with it a little longer.


Obligations in the home preoccupy you for much of today. Although you would rather be free to do what you do best, it seems that everyone needs you. As much as you like to help others, you can’t help but feel you have more important things to do, like visiting with friends and enjoying a night out.


Wouldn't it be great if you could say whatever you like and not have to take responsibility for it? Unfortunately, this is not the case for you today as it seems everyone around you seriously has the hump. This is particularly true in the workplace so hold your tongue as best as you can.


Money equals freedom to you so you often go to great pains to look after you dosh. Today is an excellent day to make or plan for future investments. It is important to accept relevant advice however (it can be difficult for you to accept authority).


You are going through a period of self-evaluation and can be hard on yourself. Changing or shifting values can be difficult to manage when you are so used to doing what you please without considering the consequences. Honesty is important but so is being kind to yourself.


You have always been the type to take your obligations seriously but today you go to far as others keep pushing their responsibilities in your direction.  Although you may want to be seen as the good guy, you should consider how much of your energy is drained by taking on duties that simply aren't your problem.


A night out that is supposed to be fun and light-hearted takes a very sharp turn for seriousness. Your best efforts to lighten up the situation will be met with contempt and a reprimand. Whatever the reason for the solemnity, it is best to honour the mood of your company rather than try to make a joke.


Dealings with women must be taken very seriously. Whether or not you are consciously aware of this, there is a very good chance you are in the process of setting up an important business deal and you will want to ensure you are giving out the right professional impression.

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