Friday, 16 January 2015

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Your fear of the future can make you feel helpless and de-motivated. Because of your frustrations, it may be tempting just to run away from everything or simply stick your head in the sand. Although you may not feel anything worthwhile is being achieved, you are actually doing a lot of internal re-evaluation.


Try as you might, sometimes you have to concede that you just can’t control everyone and everything. The projects you have been trying to start or keep going may have stalled but if you just use the time to re-consider your goals, you can power through this hiatus.


You may be the friendliest sign of the zodiac but that doesn’t mean your friends are good influences. In fact, as the day goes on, you may start to realise you’re not getting a whole lot done. There are obligations to people that must be honoured if you are to be successful.


It can be hard to change your life if you’re unclear about what it is you want to change. That may sound obvious but it seems to be exactly the kind of advice you have been ignoring. Spend a little time looking at your goals as realistically as possible.


It may seem like life is not a whole lot of fun recently as everyone around you takes things so seriously. Even worse, money is short and you are pre-occupied with how you can get more. As tempting as it might be, today is not a good day for committing yourself to anything you’re not sure of.


Obligations in the home continue to occupy your mind. Although you may think nothing much is being accomplished and you are not being appreciated, rest assured neither of these concerns are true.  Do be clear about what you can delegate to other people and ensure they know what you expect.


Do you have to tell everyone exactly what to do? Unfortunately you do. Clarity in the workplace seems to be completely lacking and you are the only one who can see what is going on. You might not like looking like the bad guy but bossing people around is the only thing that gets things done today. 


Plans for a bit of fun go completely up in smoke due to constraints on your finances. Are you really broke or are you just afraid of breaking into the piggy bank? You have lots of resources at your fingertips. Before you turn down that invitation, double check your pockets for loose change.


Usually people can count on you to be the life and soul of the party but today, you are just not in any sort of mood to put up with anything other than moping around with the other misery guts around you. You don’t have to keep company with such desolation and the fact that you seem determined to wallow around in self-pity today is a good indication you need to get some fresh air.


Feeling unsure of what you need to do is a terrible state to find yourself in. Not knowing what to say about your situation is even worse. Words may fail you but what you do will not: ensure your actions and more importantly your body language give out the right message.


Working within a group or organisation is normally your forte. You can usually get everyone working together for a common cause. Today however, everyone seems to be usually focused on finances—but not making definitive plans to do something about them. Circular discussions may not be fun but they actually help clear the air.


You are putting your best effort into getting yourself organised but just when you think you have it all under control, something else comes along and messes everything up again. Trying to sort out future plans under such chaotic conditions can be very frustrating but try to take things one at a time.

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