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Janis Joplin's car in Detroit, 2008. Copyright by Alex Trenoweth
Happy birthday to my beloved Janis Joplin!!

This week we have a beautiful stellium of planets in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus), signifying this is a great week for sorting through our technical issues and embracing our individuality by doing things our way. The New Moon (Tuesday) is a great time to set targets and goals for the coming month so have a little think about what you could do to improve your social networking skills, re-progamme operating systems or just updating apps and devices. This Moon promises that taking a little time over technological details will lead to having more time to spend with friends and socialising with groups and clubs. Saturn in Sagittarius has been giving us a battering by squaring up to planets in Pisces but this week, Saturn throws are far more comfortable sextile to the Sun in Aquarius--all the more reason to put a little more effort into sorting through those technological issues.
Alex Trenoweth at Threadgill's, Austin Texas 2014. Copyright Alex Trenoweth
Hold on tightly to your wallets as Jupiter and Venus oppose each other early this week. It's easy to be greedy and indulgent and the concern with this aspect is we will over extend ourselves and then have to spend a great deal of time and energy paying back what we have taken.

Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday. Some people might say it's a bad time for the post and public transport system  but a very good time for getting our messages muddled up. Prepare to hear the moans and groans of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Be that as it may, it's a good time to review any on-going projects, tie up loose ends and take extra care in posting things, taking messages and for goodness sake, ignore the carping!

So. . .a very Happy Birthday to our Aquarian friends as the Sun moves into this sign in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  I leave you with a photo of me and Janis' star in Hollywood!
Alex Trenoweth in Hollywood California, 2014. Copyright Alex Trenoweth


There’s drama galore in the workplace as power struggles break out in every corner. Although you will be surprised at the energy others put into making their points, you will be unable to resist being drawn into the conflict.


Sudden changes wreaks havoc in your plans. You may be called to travel extensively or to embrace unfamiliar philosophies in order to get a job done. It is pointless to resist these new opportunities. Have a little faith and you will get through.


You like to skit over the surface of any given situation but today, boy oh boy, you are thrown into the deep end. You don’t mind a little conflict to keep things interesting but all-out war is just not your scene. Hang in there.


You've been careful to conceal how you really feel but a conflict with a loved one brings everything bubbling to the surface. You may later try to say you didn't mean what came out of your mouth but the damage has already been done. It may not be such a bad thing.


You (secretly) like to think you are deserving of the greatest respect. However, as the day goes on, your ample pride is likely to take a serious hit and you may find it impossible not to feel sorry for yourself. As difficult as it is, try to look at what others are actually trying to tell you.


Your frustration with not having enough time to enjoy life is about to reach thermonuclear proportions. Instead of being angry with others, try to focus on how you can get others to cooperate with you by being clear with what you need.


It’s time to let your true feelings have some air. It may not be comfortable for those who are close to you but sometimes, you just need to vent. Do be careful of blaming others for your predicament and focus on what you can do to help yourself.


You’re not good at expressing yourself verbally because you understand the power of secrets. It may be very tempting to let it all out today but you must be aware of how what you have to say can be devastating for someone else to hear. Be careful.


Hopefully, the financial crisis you seem to find yourself in is approaching completion. There is likely to be one final, God almighty blow-out but it should clear the air and make all who hear you very clear on where you stand. Is this a good strategy?


Being pushed to be the one who sorts out the biggest mess is something you are used to. Being told you are not very good at it takes you by surprise. Today you are likely to be shocked by how others view you. Try to learn from it.


Today you are asked to do mission impossible. You are so happy to help where you can but there has to be a limit somewhere. Today, there is no limit of what will be asked of you. Bite your lip, find your happy place and get on with it.


Tensions between your friends have been building for some time. Misunderstandings have been a feature of your associations and power trips have been abundant. It can be very difficult to remain neutral but this is what you have to do.

Copyright by Alex Trenoweth

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