Tuesday, 20 January 2015

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Your friendly nature is sure to attract people to you. You have a great understanding of how to support people and are keen to network with new people. However, don't forget some old friends also have the key to helping you get ahead in life. Try contacting someone you haven't heard from in a long time.


You seem to have turned over a new leaf by embracing some new technology or agreeing to do things differently to what you have been doing. However, beneath the surface, you still harbour fears about changing so much no one recognises you anymore. Remember, you are still the boss.


Your eternal optimism is making a strong comeback and your faith in the future is restored. All you needed was a bit of a firm hand and a steady guide. Although you may not like to admit it, sometimes the old fashioned way is the best possible way.


These days you are unafraid of change and boldly pursue what is important to you. You're in no mood to take things lightly and embrace changes in your routine with resilience. The best news is that those in authority over you appreciate your accommodating ways and will reward you soon.


Close personal relationships are your main focus and you will be putting a lot of effort into impressing your significant other by being strong and courageous. It isn't easy to be the one whom others rely on but you are doing a great job--and it's only early days!


Your advice on health matters will be sought after. No one else can name the ingredients and side effects of so many over-the-counter medicines. You seem to have a lot of expectations about what others can give you in return so make sure there is agreement before you provide your services.


It takes a lot to entertain you these days. Not because you're hard to please but because you're in the mood for something completely different. Although you still like your luxuries, your tastes have become much more experimental and politically correct.


You're normally a passionate person but these days you seem to be holding back emotionally. You crave new experiences to bring on different responses and you will pretty much try anything to avoid falling into the boredom trap.


When you're so curious about life, it's very tempting to bite off more than you can chew. Be aware that in your busyness, you can forget that other people hold opinions that are easy to offend. You might want to keep your wallet or purse at home if you're passing a bookshop.


The family says spend, spend, spend but you want to save, save, save even if it means isolating yourself from everyone else. Most likely, you will cave in eventually and splash out big style. There's nothing wrong with this as long as you think you can live with spending your money on something you probably won't use more than once or twice.


You've never been one to hold back in saying what you want but you should try to consider that your impulsiveness could cost you a friendship of affiliation. Be yourself but remember some people are far more sensitive than you are.


You long to escape and have a little peace and quiet. Setting aside some time to restful and meditative can go a long towards helping you reach a little bit of nirvana. Be careful of being around people who are sick or needy as you are sensitive to infections over the next few weeks.

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