Saturday, 24 January 2015

FREE horoscopes for 24 January 2014

Shakespeare once said: "All that glisters is not gold" (Merchant of Venice, Act II, scene iii). As the Prince of Morocco discovered, what we expect to find in a shiny package may be nothing but disappointment or could even lead to surprised ruin. Today may be difficult to see beyond the gloss but to avoid potential regrets, do your best to be real.


What's behind you? You may be so interested in the answer to this question that you completely neglect what is directly in front of you. Seriously, try to keep paranoia at bay by focusing on what truly affects you.


Networking and socialising are skills that you may struggle with today. Not because you don't know how to do them but because you are looking for the wrong attributes in people. A pretty package will not ensure a good friend.


You quite often impulsively reach out to other people in order to establish networks. Whilst this is usually a highly sought skill, today you need to be far more selective in who you choose to work with. The best workers do not always wear the best suits.


Have a real think about what it is you are trying to achieve. As you sift through training offers or courses, consider that the shiniest brochures often disguise a poorly managed system. Listen to the advice of your experienced teachers before you make a decision.


Be honest with your other half about how you are spending your money. Yes, it's your money but it is a shared resource and as such, your future plans also need to be shared. Trying to do something behind someone's back will not work out today.


You've been bottling up your anger for sometime but taking your frustrations out on your partner or close friend will only serve to cause further upset. If you need to vent, do take care that you don't injure yourself in the process.


A clear plan is needed to get you through the day. Unfortunately, clarity is not your greatest asset today. In your efforts to help others, you may actually create a bigger mess than you intended. Ensure you are truly doing the right thing.


It's hard to believe your efforts to relax and have fun can go so disastrously wrong. Be extra careful that your leisure activities are safe. Stick to the clear path, read the safety instructions and be sure you have someone who can help you.


The majority of accidents happen in what should be the safest place: your home. Today is a good day to check your fire alarm and other general safety features. Although a major disaster may not actually happen today, it is always a good idea to update escape plans.


Be aware that the things you say can be misunderstood. You may think you're being funny but you have the potential to really tap into someone else's deep seated fears and insecurities. When in doubt, be extra kind to others.


You've been going through your finances to ensure money isn't somehow leaking into the ether. Today is not a very good day for shopping for bargains or going nuts on spending after an ample ay day. Hold on to your cash and keep the plastic in your wallet.

Your intuition is unusually sharp over these next few days. However, be extra careful that you don't lose yourself or what you need. Keep track of all the things you do for others and don't read more into a situation than you need to.

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