Monday, 26 January 2015

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A little forward financial planning is required today if you really want to go on that fancy foreign holiday. There is a lot of promise in your big plans so rather than allowing yourself to become discouraged, spend a little time seeing where you can cut budget corners.


Today you will be required to work with someone you might not be particularly fond of. As uncomfortable as this may make you, keep reminding yourself that very often two heads are better than one.


You're easily distracted today and are very likely going to be caught not upholding your end of the bargain. You are a person of many talents and abilities so try to keep busy. You don't want to get the blame when things start to fall apart.


No one drives a hard bargain like you do. But there's lots to do and when friends start to lunch out on plans and activities, someone needs to be the responsible one. Your care and attention will not only be appreciated but will be extremely useful.


You take people by surprise today with your no nonsense approach and businesslike manner. You see what needs to be taken care of in the workplace and get it done. Do be careful not to use this approach on your loved ones--you'll scare them!


You have a lot of big ideas that need attention today. Although you are usually you are very good at sorting through details, you tend to forget to step back from what you are doing to look at the whole picture.


You have a lot of heavy issues on your mind these days. Consequently what comes out of your mouth takes everyone by surprise. Today you can use your deep and insightful observations to help other resolve a huge dilemma.


Any strong beliefs you hold are likely to be challenged by other people today. It's not a conspiracy but a real opportunity to explore your inner motives and exercise your your personal philosophies. Giving air to your opinions can help you to understand yourself better.


Your mischievous tendencies are usually welcomed as a breath of fresh air by your colleagues. Today, however, your attempts and 'subtle' humour go awry. Instead of being the joker of the pack, why not take things a little more more seriously?


It can be hard for you to express your romantic side but today is a very good day to be honest with someone about how you feel if you first take the time to think carefully about what you want to say. Once you get it all off your chest, you'll feel a whole lot better.


You are not known for expressing your feelings to those who are close to you. However, if you want commitment from your friends and affiliates then you are going to have to tell them how much they mean to you. Be honest, of course, and don't hold back.


It is your natural instinct to protect others from any negativity but today you need to put yourself first. You've been holding your opinion back but it is becoming apparent that you need to make some things very clear to others.

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