Thursday, 29 January 2015

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You may feel that others are telling you off for simple slips of the tongue. And, as you very often don't like to consider the feelings of others before you start running your mouth, it is likely you are going to be very irritable indeed. When in doubt, keep quiet.


You love a bargain and can spot a good one from miles away. But no matter how good the deal may be, today is just not the time to spend. You may hate this but the repercussions of foolish and unnecessary spending will be reverberating for months to come.


It may seem like everywhere you turn, there is someone waiting to tell you off. However, if you really think about it, you are misunderstanding why people are annoyed: you come across as if you are not taking things seriously enough.


It's hard for you to get a handle on things when there's a persistent 'white noise' going on inside your head. With your sensitive antenna damaged, you will have to apply cold, hard logic to understand what is happening around you.


Pretending to be above everyone else is not the way to make friends and influence people today. It will become very apparent that what you need to do is swallow your pride and press your nose to the grindstone just like everybody else.


A work project is coming to an end and you may feel it's all rather anti-climatic. It's an important time for finishing off all business deals so use today to tie up as many loose ends as you can before you submit to boredom and add more onto your plate.


If you suspect you are being kept in the dark, then most likely you are. You have a lot of information at your disposal so others may be under the impression you are not the best at keep secrets. In this circumstance, it really is best to just let the storm blow over.


Anyone who has tried to control you knows that it is an impossible task to keep you under their thumb. You will find a way around any obstruction or obstacle. As today goes on, it might be in your best interest to at least pretend to be doing what you've been told.


Oops, you did it again, didn't you? Hurting the feelings of others is something you do often because you erroneously think that what doesn't offend you won't offend everyone else. Today is a good day to remind yourself to think about the feelings of other people first.


They say it's the little things that count and today you may feel overwhelmed with minute details that need your attention. Do take the time to finish off the small jobs and complete as many tasks as you can. Leaving the small stuff only means you won't be able to get at the big stuff.


Unless you're in a nursing home, it isn't like you to act like a child. But today you might be feeling nostalgic and long for the good old days when you were free to do what you wanted. It's a good time for spending some time on your long forgotten hobbies and interests.


You may be feeling very defensive and on guard today. Consequently, it's hard to let other people know what is really bothering you. Although you don't like confrontation, a good, old fashioned row might clear the air and make you feel like you can finally put a lot of old business to rest.

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