Friday, 30 January 2015

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With Venus conjunct Neptune trine Moon in Pisces, it may be a little difficult to see beyond human emotions and to be productive. Generally speaking, it's a great day for a lie in and to enjoy your duvet. On a more negative side, you may miss a few good opportunities. Or you could enjoy my very special offer on consultations--it's the last day of the special offer!


You have been amazingly sympathetic to a few people who simply don't deserve it. Whilst you may not like the idea of ruffling a few feathers, you should ask yourself why you are putting up with such abject laziness.


Friends offer a great distraction from work. Unfortunately, they could also end up costing you a lot of money. Instead of subsidizing other people's lack of good fortune, perhaps you should try to find friends with a more refined sense of taste and bigger wallets.


The boss getting away with murder? The answer to this question is very likely to be a resolute 'yes'! It is time you should get recognition for all you do. There's only one problem with this idea: you need to do something worthwhile.


You dream of far away places but the reality of foreign holidays is that when the reality does bite, you get homesick for familiar food and people. Today is a good day to consider what it is you really want--and then pull the covers back over your head.


It's time to check through your finances with a fine tooth comb--if you can be bothered. Money is leaking away from somewhere but perhaps you're too well off and comfortable to double check your financial statements.


You're normally so fussy about the people you send time with but today you let your guard down. And of course, you wake up (or hang out) with someone who is far from your ideal, makes a mess in the room and smells bad. Enjoy the fun!


Don't feel like doing anything? Well no one else is terribly surprised about this. Instead of having another 'duvet day' why not get up and do something whilst everyone else is taking a nap? The best way to get it ahead is by taking advantage of the element of surprise.


While you're warm and cozy under your duvet, why not ask your other half to join you for a glass of wine (or 6)? The temptation to completely forget yourself is a great one so try to channel this into something more artistic and self expressive.


It's not like a fire sign to need a good cry but lately you've been feeling overwhelmed and in need of a supportive shoulder. There are lots of people out there who would welcome the opportunity to help you and let you know you are loved.


Every now and again, it's good to let someone else know what you're really thinking. Today is a good day for honest exchanges about what is important for both of you. The feeling of being free to express yourself doesn't often present itself to you so enjoy it.


You never really have cared too much about what people think of you and as far as being valued at work by other--well, you're not that bothered by that either. Today is a good day to take people by surprise by bringing in a few little luxuries into the workplace to share with colleagues.


It's true people don't really know the real you as you can change your public image with ease. Today, take a little time to enjoy the opportunity to honestly express yourself. Who knows? You just might impress someone you thought was out of your league. 

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