Sunday, 11 January 2015

The week ahead and FREE daily horoscopes for 12 January 2015

We begin the week with the Moon in Libra making some very nice connections to Venus and Mars. It’s a very sociable, polite start to a week that looks like a tough one as the moon moves into opposition to Uranus and Mars and Saturn square up to each other later in the week. If you’re not prepared and not thinking ahead, you’re going to be dragged into a whole lot of conflict.

The Moon opposing Uranus is very much like throwing away your security blanket, denying yourself of food, sleep and other creature comforts and pretending you’re not human for a day or two. This is a state that cannot last and eventually there must be the acceptance that human kindness cures all evil. And yet, the Moon opposite Uranus can also give us an opportunity to step away from human emotions and look at things with utter objectivity: how can humans survive the abuses of the planet, the effects of technology and the misuses of social media? These are good questions to ask ourselves on Monday and Tuesday.

Mars movies onto Pisces in the early hours of Monday morning, leaving the god of war and fighting and struggling to keep his head above water. Like Jupiter, Mars rules both a fire and a water sign: in the case of Mars, Aries and Scorpio; in the case of Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces. It isn’t the element that he is in that is causing Mars to struggle: it is a square from Saturn in Sagittarius, becoming exact on Wednesday, that causes the problems. It’s like swimming in deep water with lead boots on. However, Mars in Pisces is exceptionally imaginative so if we can just pretend we can breathe under water and accept the belief that all will be good in the end, then it will be so.

Saturn is not at all at ease in the element of fire or in a mutable sign and as we have seen in the very unfortunate events in Paris, acclimatization is needed to adjust to this new world of religious tolerance—“tolerance” is not something the mythological Saturn was known for. He did eat his own children, after all. 

The all out war between the malefics, Mars and Saturn, in mutable signs is very much like a crisis of faith. Words fail us, our ability to focus abandons us and so we just want to jump ship for what we think is a safer option. But we can also adapt to our situation, find it in ourselves to forgive and move on as well as negotiate a brand new order that finds room for everyone. A fresh understanding comes to us on Friday as the Moon is conjunct Saturn.

Yes, the malefics are busy fighting. That only means the good guys can get on with doing the right thing.

Now for your FREE horoscopes for Monday 12 January.


Today your aloofness can really hurt the ones you love. Is it really so hard to let someone know how much you enjoy their company, their food or their commitment to you? Instead of doing the opposite of what people expect, why not show a little appreciation?


Sure, people tease you about being boring but you are actually far from it. Today, let your imagination run a little wide and do something a little differently. Try shaking up your normal routine or hosting a little social get together in the office?


Your mischievous pranks get you into trouble and you know it. Resist the temptation to cause trouble amongst your friends. Practical jokes will fail and will only serve to break friendships, circles of trusts and maybe even your own fragile ego.


You’ve been feeling like you need a complete career change for quite some time. As tempting as it might be to walk out of your job without any sort of notice, why not see if a bit of re-arranging at home makes you feel better?


Drawing attention to your somewhat unusual beliefs or attempting to defend your strong need for freedom is likely to merely serve as proof about how difficult you are. There is so much about you that is admirable and easy to understand. Why cause complications?


You are normally one who can easily roll with the punches. However, you find yourself easily distracted today and may find the silly demands of other people somewhat difficult to put up with. If you need clarification, ask for it.


What’s gotten into you? As the day goes on, you may feeling increasingly emotional and unable to cope with all that you have to do. Sometimes making a to-do list helps prioritise all the tasks you have to get on with today and can give you a bit of emotional distance from the chaos.


“Something has to give,” may be your mantra today as more and more things pile up on your plate to contend with. You’re not adverse to work that you can actually complete, you are just overwhelmed by the emotional demands everyone places on you.  Firm up the boundaries.


Shifting friendships groups makes you uneasy. With so many people entering and leaving your life, you may feel a little under threat. Some people you are not too bothered about but some people you can’t bear to be without. Have you grown a little too close to someone who is supposed to be just a friend?


Now that you’ve established yourself as being someone everyone needs, how will folks do without you? The only way to get an answer is to completely distance yourself from the workplace. It is time to put some energy into your own home and family while you have the chance.


It’s your last chance (for a while) to do it your way.  You have always been the type to say whatever comes to your mind but today you feel a little tongue tied and unprepared in an argument. Do your research and come back to it.


Very soon, you will be the undisputed leader. Yes you. Everyone one will be looking to see what you will do or say next so prepare yourself: you have the message that everyone is waiting for so put your notes in order!

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