Thursday, 12 February 2015

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As the Moon in Scorpio approaches Saturn in Sagittarius later in the day, we may have the feeling of restlessness and perhaps frustration: we should be expanding our horizons but duty and obligations make us feel weighted down. This is a good time to a get a "feel" for our limitations. Ask yourself what you need to feel free and then explore your options. You are likely to discover you have far more avenues than you have ever thought.

The Moon is in the last quarter phase so you should be winding down the targets you set for yourself for this lunar phase. New ideas should be implemented in about one week's time.


A good sift through your shared resources is something that it is needed. Joint incomes, taxes inheritances and policies such as insurances should be double checked.


Other people may seem to be influencing you far more than they should. Before you make decisions, ensure what you want is truly being considered.


You hate secrets and other people know this. So today you may feel as if you are deliberately being kept out of the loop. Don't take offence because you are better off being blissfully ignorant.


Children are a concern for you and it is easy to be a little heavy handed. You want to nurture and take care of everyone but you must bear in mind you can't control everything.


If being regal means keeping a stiff upper lip then surely you deserve to were your crown today. Your chance to speak your mind will come but today is a good day simply to observe.


You are choosing your words very carefully indeed today because you are very sensitive to the fact that what you say has such a profound affect on others. This is a very good move.


You don't really like to think you don't have enough money to enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Yet today, insecurity seems to be creeping in. Listen to your intuition when it comes to money.


You are hyper aware of your self image. You don't like the limelight yet you are thrust into it. Drop your guard, enjoy the attention and get what you can out of it.


It's easy to be paranoid when there seems to be so much going on behind your back. Yes, people are talking about you but you will have your chance to speak very soon. Bear with it.


It's a great day to talk business amongst friends and other affiliates, You have your pulse on finances and have great intuition for bad deals or other drains of resources.


Your boss is putty in your hands. You've made a great impression on those in authority over you and should be able to use your intuition to get ahead or at least make the plans to move on.


You have your eye on the ball and nothing is going to distract you. Your long term vision is excellent today and a little focus on long term goals will reap great benefits.


Arpan Banerjee said...

You Are A Nice Orator, Thinker & Your Writing Ability is worth Mentioning. So Far My Matter is Concerned Exactly I Am a D1 With Moon On Pisces

Alex Trenoweth said...

Thank you Arpan!!