Sunday, 1 February 2015

FREE horoscopes for 2 February 2015

The week ahead

The Moon begins its departure from the summer zodiac signs and heads towards the autumnal signs. We begin preparing emotionally for the promise of a full harvest, a busy and very productive few weeks are ahead. The Full Moon in Leo hits us on Tuesday, calling all drama queens to the dance floor. On Friday, the Sun opposes Jupiter whilst the Moon opposes Mars. Oppositions often force us to make decisions and the involvement of both luminaries suggests our inner as well as outer selves may be in for a spot of refinement. For all signs, letting your feelings guide how you present yourself to the world is a must-do.

On a personal note, I am off to India to represent the UK at the 25th Astrological Seminar at Kolkata next weekend to promote my book, "Growing Pains". It's a very exciting time for me and how auspicious that I am flying out on the Full Moon which is conjunct Jupiter, just within orb of my ruling planet Mercury. Happy Trails indeed!

I mention this to apologise in advance to any posting problems I may have whilst travelling. I have scheduled a few days in advance but one can never guess if there will internet problems whilst abroad (with T Uranus trine my Mercury, I'm thinking I might be OK).

Without any further ado (I've always wanted to say that), here are the horoscopes for 2 February 2015!


Just when everyone thinks they understand you, you throw a curve ball. Is it really so necessary to catch everyone off guard in this manner? It's sometimes good to keep people on their toes but you can't always get the best out of people if they don't know what you want.


Your help will be required from the most unlikely people. As much as you hate surprises, sometimes you just have to accept that not all good things are planned. You have the ability to get others to work with you towards a common cause so don't think you're on your own.


Joining and un-joining groups and organisations can lead to mixed messages that confound your friends ad quite frankly, put their backs up. It's hard for you to commit to things but equally, it's hard for people to work with someone who is so unpredictable.


OK, you're wallowed in your emotions long enough. It's time to poke your head out your shell and see what everyone has been up to these past few days. With all the change going around, it's not surprising you are so about what to expect.


Oh boy, here it comes: the moment you've been waiting for. Yes all eyes will be on you but is there someone close to you who also deserves some recognition. Share the spotlight and you will have even more reason to fluff up your hair for the photographs.


You have always been very careful about who you choose to let into your life. There are many people who would like to support you and help you but too often you give the feeling they are not good enough for you. Think about the messages you are sending out.


You do attract them, don't you? Every misfit on the planet seems to gravitate towards you and being the ever gracious host/hostess, you let them into your social circle. Well, perhaps it's time to be a bit more fussy. You don't have to be unkind, just a little more discerning.


Things at work seem t be very shaken up and unpredictable. It is difficult for you to work under such conditions and as such, it's hard for people to work with you when you're so grumpy. Try to see little changes in routine as opportunities to experiment with making things better.


It might be romance but not quite what you're expecting. It's a good idea to keep an open mind these next few days: the ideal partnership might be the strong, quiet type or even the boring, dependable type. Not everyone has your energy.


It has been difficult to gauge the moods of other people recently but this is all about to change. Soon you won't be able to get a word in edgeways and you'll be a little sorry you were so impatient for things to move on to more exciting vistas.


Be prepared to become involved in every drama going on. Other people can't resist getting you involved in their business and they are breathing their emotions all over you on top of it all. Just remember, they are only reflecting the signals you have been putting out!


Yes it's that time again: it's a mighty fine day to clear some space for a bit of creative expression. So many times your, um, less than tidy habits prevent you from truly enjoying yourself so why not pre-empt your creativities and get organised?

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