Thursday, 5 February 2015

FREE horoscopes for 5 February 2014

After a long night and day, I am finally in Kolkata for the 25th Astrological Seminar. Seeing the Full Moon from the airplane was an incredible experience and I feel I had the opportunity to absorb those moonbeams (figuratively of course) to do some great work! This Full Moon holds great potential for us all--if we bear in mind the consequences of actually getting what we want. I am so delighted to be here and to have the opportunity to present my life's work on the astrology of adolescence!! Here's a few pics of the journey so far:


You're at your social best now and are trying to make as many new connections as you possibly can. Try to be a little more selective--not every business card will lead to a new opportunity.


Be aware of taking too many risks in the work place. A promotion or additional responsibilities may seem like a great idea but you have to ask yourself if it's really worth it.

Chapter Chairperson for UK, USA and Australia!


"Itchy Foot" syndrome has struck you again and you are looking longingly at those travel and/or course brochures. Do ensure you can finish what you start: you are being watched.


You're normally so cautious that others find it hard to believe you have a reckless streak with money. Before you flash your cash, check your bank balance.


Basking in the spotlight is your speciality but
everyone (even you) needs privacy sometimes. When encouraging fans and friends on social media, remember not all attention is good attention.


It's one thing to have sympathy for people who are less fortunate than you but something else entirely to feel you have to be responsible for everything that goes on around you. Don't over commit.


The saying goes that one has to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince/princess. But really that's not true--you don't have to kiss any frogs you don't want to!


It isn't necessary to tell you to dig a little deeper because you do that quite naturally. Telling you to leave things be is a bigger challenge. Don't get involved.


You're very optimistic that everything you want is up for grabs. You have always taken exactly what you wanted and then when it doesn't work out, you blame others. Before you take, think of the consequences.


Your eyes are as big as saucers as you behold all the business opportunities around you. There's tons of money to be made--but what are the hidden costs of these so-called opportunities?


It may seem that everyone has your best interests in mind when they come to your aid. But do they truly have your best interest in mind? Use your intuition to help you figure this out.


What's that behind you? Instead of being worried about the things you can't see, try paying a bit more attention to what is right in front of you.

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