Thursday, 5 February 2015

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Having an amazing time in India! We went to the very famous temple of Kali which was hot, crowded and full of so-called 'holy men' trying to get as much money out of us as they could (and this was when most of the group were native speakers!!).  It was all worth it though as people kept staring at us Westerners in awe when they realised where we have been! I'd say that's a pretty good manifestation of Full Moon conjunct Jupiter!!


Why work hard if you can get others to do the
work for you? There's a distinctive tendency for you to bark half hearted orders and then hang out in the tearoom with your colleagues.


In order to keep the peace, you may be tempted to just give in to the demands of others. It just seems too pointless to put up a fight over something that really doesn't matter.


You usually prefer cold, hard facts to emotions but today's events require that you balance intuition with facts. It's a hard call but it's something you need to get to grips with.


If you could actually be bothered to be bothered you might actually be bothered. Yes, it means about that much to you. Try to act a little interested though or you'll hurt someone's feelings.


There's no denying that people like you and are attracted to your warmth and friendliness. But it must be said, your generosity is something that others also like--protect yourself from being taken advantage of.


Making a difficult decision requires the assistance of a few good friends, a bit of chocolate and a healthy helping of a home cooked favourite. Treat yourself!


There's so much to do, it is easy to lose yourself in your hectic schedule. Make a list, prioritise and do what is most important. Don't worry about little things.


It's really time to think about getting rid of those relationships that no longer serve a useful function. These days you like to travel lightly and it's time to let go of the clingers.


If you feel you are not important to the boss, it's probably true. You've been working hard but perhaps you're not making the impression you hope to make. If you haven't had a result by now, you're not likely to in the future.


People need you but it is important that others acknowledge what you do rather than just use you for the skills and services you provide. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need.


You like to think you don't actually anyone but wouldn't it be nice to feel appreciated? There's no harm in asking for a little love and affection every now and again, you know!


You may be feeling torn between helping out your fellow man and just getting a big piece of cheesecake and having the whole thing to yourself. Tough call!

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