Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Problem With Algol

I've been fascinated with the fixed star Algol for years (with thanks to the late, great Diana Rosenberg, RIP). But the problem with being so attracted to the symbol of such intense female energy is that it can be a little hard to ignore. And so I see its influences everywhere.
Now I do regard myself as being a person who does not want to be exclusively associated with any group. And this is pretty true on a political score too. The times I have felt I've stuck my neck out and committed myself to a cause or to support a particular person or to declare my beliefs have resulted in feeling very let down.
This has never been the case with Algol. The severed head of the Gorgon always has a story to tell. Nonetheless, lest I be tagged with the label of "Algol Alex" forever, I try to keep my big mouth quiet.
And so, when I wrote the previous post about Harry Arsehole, I did notice that the South Node was in retrograde motion at 0 Gemini and would very shortly pass over Algol. I knew there would be a better story.
Lo and behold on the 14th September 2012 as the South Node is bang on Algol. the whole world discovers that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has breasts. Shock! Horror! We speculate all we like about when and if she gets pregnant but we're not supposed to think she has breasts. Not to mention Britain is completely over-exposed to naked breasts--but offended by the sight of a mother breast feeding her baby--and women who get paid well to get them out (but of course these aren't "royal" breasts. . .)!
And right on cue, with "a face like thunder" Prince William is suing the socks off of the French magazine that published the photos of his wife's breasts. Meanwhile, most of the rest of the country has split into two camps
1) Those who were offended that the same country in which Diana died would also publish photos of a member of the Royal family unclothed
2) Those who scratched their heads and thought how on earth could such a famous person actually believe anywhere in the world is private enough to run around naked
Way back in May 2011, I pointed out that Prince William, like his mother Diana, was born with Venus conjunct Algol. William has the added bonus of having Chiron conjunct this point as well. Here's the bi-wheel to prove it:
When William came of age and was ready to marry, he placed his dead mother's engagement ring on the finger of his beloved and promised her she would not suffer the indignities his mother had suffered at the hands of the paparazzi. I thought this was rather creepy.
Well unfortunately, Wills and Kate seemed to have been lulled into a false sense of privacy, perhaps not to the same stupidity level as Harry but one has to wonder why the government won't send Harry to fight in Afghanistan but Wills would think it's OK to allow his wife to walk around in the buff on holiday. I would have thought there would be some understanding that tracking devices of a 3rd world military would be somewhat second rate to the high tech gadgets the paparazzi have access to in a 1st world country.
But I digress. . .here are the transits for the day. Note the South Node on Algol (27 Taurus):

Of the event a BBC correspondent reported:
"The prince had a "look of absolute thunder" on his face as they left Kuala Lumpur - a stop on their nine-day tour - to travel to Sabah in north Borneo. Kate, meanwhile, "looked composed and was smiling"."
To me this comment says it all.
William, it would seem to some, has completely gotten it all wrong. He seemed to have flubbed it when he OK'd it for Kate to flick off her bikini top so she wouldn't have ugly tan lines on her creamy shoulders. He totally misunderstood the skills of the paparazzi and the efficiency of the world wide web. To top it off, Kate doesn't really seem that bothered about it. That's a big ouch from Chiron conjunct Algol.
Here's my advice to the Royals:
Stay indoors with the curtains drawn. All the time. Only come out when you're needed for pomp and circumstance. If you choose to come out and play with the rest of us commoners then it only gives us the chance to find more and more reasons why, big fat pay packet aside (courtesy of the very same commoners), you're no different to us.
A petrifying thought, eh Wills?