Thursday, 23 May 2013

Algol Strikes Again

OK, maybe this time next year, I'll stay indoors!!

Algol on Mars/Sun midpoint (27 Taurus)!!!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Breast Ripper

So there I was, teaching the finer points of medieval torture to overly interested year 7s, when the subject of "breast ripping" came up. Now I've been watching the asteroid Vesta very carefully and was wondering what might happen as Vesta entered Cancer. So I took it as a sign of the times: breast ripping, when German MEN thought it a suitable punishment for women accused of adultery, inducing a miscarriage, heresy, blasphemy and/or witchcraft should have a nasty, claw-like torture device used to effectively shred their breast tissue. Yes well, Vesta in Cancer might very well relate to breasts and their symbols of womanhood. I made a mental note to look into women for whom "breasts" was an issue. I thought of women who might be strong advocates of breast feeding or central figures in the formula milk debates or women who might be over or under endowed in the breast department. . .
But back to breast ripping. . .
"Gosh," I thought, "I sure am glad I don't live in those times." And so I moved on to more pleasant subjects  . . .  like crocodile shears, for example (by the way, I'm only being facetious).
So as my enthusastic pupils hit their assessments, I had a rummage on the internet for the latest news.
And, lo and behold, Angelina Jolie had an elective double mastectomy as she carries a faulty gene and might develop breast cancer.
My first thought, as Ang features in my soon to be released book Growing Pains, was "hold on, she was a self harmer" followed by "she used to want to be an undertaker." Already familiar with her chart, particularly her Mars-Moon-Jupiter in Aries square to Saturn and opposite to Pluto, I waited for details for the date of her surgery so I could see just where Uranus was. And I wasn't disappointed: Uranus was exactly opposite her natal Pluto and both planets were in square aspect on the day (as they will be for the next few months). This triple conjunction was previously activated by transiting Jupiter during her self harming days. . .and all squared by Vesta on the day the mastectomy became public knowledge.
And now, with Vesta in Cancer, the shock of one of the most beautiful women in the world effectively deciding to eliminate the most prominent symbol of her femininity is attracting praise for her bravery. And she's announced she's bounced back (oh the irony) from such a radical surgery, is filming a new movie and has the utmost respect from the delectable Brad Pitt.
Whoa. . .head spin!
A perfectly healthy woman with the money to have the best possible preventative health care has chosen to have the best possible health care to remove perfectly healthy tissue and replace it with some sort of artifical enhancement because some day she might develop cancer. Well good luck to her but today I'm thinking of all the substantially poorer women who are going to take a shower one morning and find a lump, those who will become depressed because life has dealt them a shitty hand because they don't have the money for reconstruction and their idiot husbands walk out on them because the next door neighbour still has her tits. . .and then have some insenstive bastard in Parliament vote to refuse quality post operative care on the NHS because the most beautiful woman in the world bounced back without a tear after her double mastectomy.
I won't be so cynical to accuse Ang of attention seeking but I will say there seems to be a self destructive pattern in the behaviour (such as the tacky tattoos) that have a potent astrological connection.
So how about a few female names with Vesta in Cancer I hear you ask?
How about:
Marilyn Monroe
Jennifer Lopez
Helena Blavatsky
Here's a bi wheel of Angelina and the day she had the surgery: