Saturday, 10 August 2013

Growing Pains: Out now!

Well, it's been a long journey. . .but I am finally a published author! "Growing Pains" is now out and can only say the title rather reflects the process of getting a book into print. There are still some adjustments that need to be made for the next edition but the first 100 copies are sold or in shops waiting to be sold.
I also feel the book launch at Treadwell's was a great success (even though we were melting in the heat and humidity) with an unheard of 14 copies sold on the night! Here is the video of the launch with not only an endorsement from but an interview with Roy Gillett.
Here is the video:

So what now? I hear you ask. Well, I'll be busy promoting the book in local astrology groups, starting with a small group in Pitsea later this month. Then Bury St Edmonds, Southend, Exeter, Bath, Brighton, Cheltenham, Wessex and a few others. I do have a few more books in the pipeline and hopefully those will see the light of day in the near future. But for now, I feel my cup runneth over and I am taking a short break at my favourite place in Glastonbury next week then heading over to Oxford University for the Faculty of Astrological Summer School for a day visit and of course later, the Astrological Association of Great Britain's conference from 27-29 September. In a few weeks, I will be back to the previously scheduled programme with my job as a History teacher.
So life is hectic but when you have a book to promote, that's a good thing.
I do need to enlist in the help of my friends from all walks of life!
Please like and share the video on youtube, retweet the video on twitter, add the book to your wishlist on Amazon. . .and keep telling your friends!
Thanks so much!