Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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Facing the Truth About the Past Can Set You Free

So said my tweet and facebook page today.

Lately I’ve been wondering what to with my blog. I’ve been a blogger of some description since 2005. My first blog was a personal one, a sort of journal of the difficult time I was going through. When I passed through that difficult time, I stopped writing entries. Which, on reflection, seems disloyal. The blog represented me and the circumstances around me. But I didn’t want to be known or remembered as yet another woman going through the same tiresome problems that anyone could read about in any women’s magazine article closely related to the subject of “How Not to Wreck Your Life”. I wanted to move on.

My current blog was supposed to chronicle my astrological adventures and to use (so-called) humour to illustrate planetary aspects. For awhile this kept me entertained (I’m sure no one else laughed) but I was starting to feel it was time to grow up a bit. So my entries became a bit more serious and thoughtful. But I was still wondering how I could make astrology accessible to non-astrologers but not reduce it from a vast, rich field of knowledge to twelve sentences for a star sign column.

Recently, I’ve had time to think, plan and finally implement the next step. That’s right, implement. And I’ve decided, with the Moon in Sagittarius, I didn’t want to wipe out my journey as an astrologer. I didn’t want to pretend this example of the Uranus Square Pluto aspect wasn’t funny:

But it is time to grow up a bit.

I mean, if we’re going to put up with people like Richard Dawkins and Dara O’Briain opening their ignorant mouths to ridicule and trivialise astrology when they are sitting there with £300 watches on their wrists and a top of the range mobile phone all primed to tell them what day it is, then it’s time for me step up to the plate.* Or maybe get someone to bat for me.

And that’s when I finally understood the point of social media. BOOM! (as my new facebook friend Piers Morgan would say). I get it: We astrologers have got to keep trying to get our message out there: Astrology is not only useful but dead helpful. It’s not about predicting the future but making the future better. C’est tout.

Whoa, I bet a lot of people fell off their perches over that last sentiment (not c’est tout). I can’t tell you what your future is going to be. I can only tell you how to make it better (or worse—it depends on what mood I’m in). But if you’re paying me, I’ll tell you how to improve the situation (or at least tell you how to employ damage restriction).

So this was my next thought: I have the skills and knowledge but not the right connections to reach enough people. The easiest thing to remedy this would be to give in and get going on a star sign column.

The harder and more complicated thing would be to do something different. Whoever said I was easy?

Having already made (soon to be legal and official) myself Company Director at Apothecary Press UK,  I made myself the CEO of “Don’t Sweat it, Planet”. For now, my company will be updating via the usual social media sites. From 27 August, “Don’t Sweat It, Planet” will take over the East London field of astrology in education via my astrology school (I was going to call it an “Academy” but I just found that far too ironic and doomed to failure). And, as soon as I can manage it, I will be broadcasting a short two or three minute segment via my you tube channel.

For those of you thinking: “OMG, what’s gotten into her. . .” my solar return has Aquarius rising. For those of you thinking: “Dear Lord, I see too much of her already. . .” Tough. I also have the Sun conjunct Jupiter for the whole year. Get used to it. Oh and just check out by progressed ascendant on my natal Jupiter and my progressed Jupiter conjunct my natal Sun. Did I mention my book?

So these days I’m following my own advice and making the best out of what looks like a promising year. Subscribe to my blog or website to keep up with me or if you’ve always wondered if there was more to star sign columns but were afraid to ask.

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*Astrology is all about how to manage and keep track of one’s time and it’s no coincidence there are 12 hours in a day and twelve houses and signs in astrology. We’ll leave twelve months in a year out of it as that’s a sort of the result of a poor calendar system.