Saturday, 30 May 2015


I've heard a lot of outrageous accusations against the maligned Mercury Retrograde. . .but this has to be the best.
Or it could be one hell of a Pluto to Venus transit!
On the serious side. . .

Marina Abramovic is a brilliant performance artist and she's coming to London!

No prizes for guessing who HAS to go see her exhibition. . .

Friday, 29 May 2015

Brighton Astrology Day

I'm thrilled to be billed as one of the leading astrologers for the Brighton Astrology Circle's Astrology Day! 
Here are the details for the day:
The lecture I'm giving is an old favourite of mine. Of course there will some added goodies too!! In the meantime, just to whet your appetite, here's a little flavour of my lecture on the modern horror show:

Saturday, 2 May 2015

The astrology of Royal Baby 3


Alex Trenoweth

And we have a baby boy!

Congratulations to the Royal family!

The new baby was born at 11:01am, just out of orb for Venus conjunct Algol like his father and Princess Diana but what a planetary connection for the new baby! And with the Sun conjunct Uranus in the 10th, I really don't have to change the title of this post--Royal Rebel indeed!

With Moon in Leo at 9 degrees, he's bound to be a hit with his great grandmother the Queen who has the Moon in Leo at 12 degrees. They also have a Sun conjunction!

It was VERY quickly noted by other astrologers that the new baby also has Chiron conjunct the MC and already there is speculation that there's going to be another healer in the family.

As a teacher, I'm eyeing up retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn which can affect the important transits during adolescence. The baby will have 3 Jupiter passes for his first Jupiter return in 2030 and  a single Saturn opposition in 2033.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, growth through learning is pursued with passion and intensity. My experience in teaching these learners is that it takes a little to get them fired up, but once they are hooked on a topic, it can be hard to get them onto something else (more on Jupiter in Scorpio learners here). They tend to be good researchers and aren't afraid to explore where other explorers fear to tread. The Queens' MC and Saturn are conjunct the baby's Jupiter in the 4th--it would seem her work ethic will have quite an effect on his emotional life. Maybe he'll take his official duties a little too seriously.

Saturn is in rulership in Capricorn. This is discipline with a capital D. But this new baby has his Pluto and Mars conjunct Queen Elizabeth's ascendant (in Capricorn) so I'm thinking his Saturn opposition in 2033 (in Cancer) may have a little to do with shake ups in the family at this time (the Queen of course will probably not be in any shape to be on the throne and Prince Charles might not be in such great shape either--but the new baby does have his Sun conjunct Charles' North Node). The opposition also falls in the 6-12th house axis so there may be changes in duties during this time. During this time, T Saturn will be square to dad's Mars in Libra.

If the Royal family (or anyone else is interested in more information on the astrology of education, my book is available here!

Here's an earlier post about Princess Charlotte and the Algol connections when she was born a few years ago:

Astrological characteristics between generations always have a tale to tell because certain features in astrology charts can often be traced in the family bloodline. For example, like her grandmother Princess Diana, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has a Moon-Uranus opposition--so the House of Windsor had better batten down the hatches!! Also, the new baby's Mars is almost in conjunction with Algol (William and Diana have Venus conjunct Algol) so it's a very interesting, if a little intense, chart indeed! Baby brother George's descendant is conjunct Algol and little sister's Mars so don't bet on these two cherubs getting on very well.

The baby's ascendant is conjunct her father's Moon and Grandma Di's Mercury. How adorable is that? We may not have Diana here with us physically but it's so wonderful this new baby has inherited the old Spencer charm. How lovely to have named her Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!

The ruling planet of the new baby's chart is conjunct William's Pluto and Diana's MC. William is going to be one protective father and god help the paparazzi when the kid hits puberty. You think 'those shots' of a topless Kate made him mad? Just you wait until around August 2026 at her first Jupiter return. With Jupiter in Leo, that girl is going to love the spotlight and hate it when daddy tries to shield her from it. However, her down to earth Sun in Taurus in the 11th might calm this tendency.

Another interesting feature of this new baby's chart is Mercury in Gemini opposite to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury is extra strong in Gemini but with an opposition from Saturn, she may be a little reluctant to hit the books. Of course oppositions mean extremes so we could have a major academic on our hands (Mercury also rules the 3rd house). William's Uranus is conjunct her Saturn so while she may steady him, he may very well encourage that rebellious streak. One possible scenario is that William will encourage her to marry someone who shakes up the royal blood a little (Pluto in Capricorn descendant ruled by Saturn in 5th and Pluto ruling the 5th house).

No doubt there will be more and more astrological commentary on this baby. Personally, I don't like to say too much about babies but as this is a royal one and as I, a British tax payer, am contributing  to her upkeep, I reckon I can put my two pence in!

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