Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Samuel Reynolds and Alex Trenoweth's Back to School Webinar

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Me and my mad schedule

One of the things on my extensive to do list this summer was to try to maintain this blog a bit better. But what can I say--except that I am happily productive on quite a few projects.  And so this blog entry is rather like a crossed off "to-do" list. Whilst my "teacher's brain" was being given a brief rest (haven't ended an academic year so refreshed since I started teaching), I was tying up a lot of loose ends and unfinished business along with preparing FIVE conference lectures as well as producing a few lecture trailers. It's rather phenomenal how many cool things gravitate towards one's way when there's so much more fun stuff going on. So I will try to summarise with appropriate shout outs to all the right folks.

I FINALLY passed the final paper for the Faculty of Astrological Studies. You can read my account of my FAS adventure here. Immediately upon learning I had passed the FAS diploma, I became a member of the APAI , thus gaining two sets of initials behind my name: DFAstrolS and MAPAI.   That's right. . .I am now Alex Trenoweth MA (CAA), MAPAI, DFAstrolS. I have no intention of letting you forget it. From 21-28 August, I will be a room monitor for the FAS Summer School. Exciting times.

With the FAS done and dusted, I also promptly signed up to Deb Houlding's Horary course starting from 28 August. This is an eagerly awaited learning opportunity I had denied myself until I finished with the FAS.

The Club of 27 Reunion went without a hitch. Starting with an interview session at The Hawley Arms on the anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death and ending with dinner at Sarastro's, we finally got around to inducting Amy into the Club of 27 astrology site. Just to remind you, the ASTROLOGERS were the first to coin the term "Club of 27". The Wikipedia entry came about six months later.

I've been a a guest on Radar Radio a few times this summer. How awesome is that? It's always nice to be welcomed by non-astrologers and to be given the opportunity to share what I've been up to. I've also been a guest on the Jupiter Rising Show with fellow astrologer Eileen Grimes. The archived recording can be found here.

I'll be speaking at the Astrological Association's Conference on 13 September. The lecture trailer is here. 
The big news is that I'm returning to SOTA in Buffalo where I'll be delivering a workshop on midpoints. From SOTA, I'll be travelling to see family then to see my buddy Madam Zolanga in Chicago. From there, I'm taking a slow "author's train" across the northern part of the USA to Seattle where I'll be stopping in to see a few astrologers. No trip to the US would be complete without seeing my buddy Tim.  And the REALLY big news is that I'll be visiting South Africa for the Astrology Restored Conference 6-11 November in Cape Town. My heavy duty academic-y article on astrology and the renaissance can be found here. At some point, I need to finish off my research paper for the American Federation of Astrologers. . .but it's coming on.

This all on top of aforementioned journeys to Australia at the end of this year and a return to India in early 2016! Of course around all this excitement is another term at an all boys' school--and the school has been both wise and generous in working around my travelling schedule. This time I'll be teaching GSCE astrophysics--can't wait to blow up stuff and blame the kids!

As always, I'm still pushing "Growing Pains" (contact me directly for a better deal than Amazon), always have room for astrology pupils and have a little room for clients until the end of the summer. Leave a direct message below. . . or contact me via www.alextrenoweth.com

Julia Child: Right Again

Yeah so butter IS good for you. And probably a lot better than the tub of chemicals that is franken-butter, margarine.

Julia Child (yes her chart is still active though she isn't), has Jupiter approaching her natal Mercury in Virgo. If that weren't enough, our girl is due to have transit Saturn in opposition to her natal Saturn in a few months' time. So it's time we listened to her.

To celebrate Julia's impending birthday on the 15th August, here's a free little early Saturn in Sagittarius pressie just for you.

And if you're looking for a little Jupiter in Virgo action, well I have something for you too.