Tuesday, 15 April 2014

AC/DC: eclipsed

Whether or not the rumours of Malcolm Young's health are true, it would appear he is affected by last night's lunar eclipse with it falling on his Saturn/Neptune conjunction (with his P Mars and Venus also caught up in the configuration).

Good luck boys and let's hope this is just a little blip. . .


Monday, 14 April 2014

A Day at the London Marathon

I can say with all honesty that I've lived in London for most of my life but until yesterday, I had never watched the marathon. Why? Well I guess I had always figured if I could be bothered to get out of bed that early on a Sunday morning, I could just watch it on telly. 
I got up early yesterday to perform at the 11 mile with the South London Jazz Orchestra because I had been invited so often, it seemed a little insulting not to make an effort and am I ever glad I did! It was a warm day so I expected the sunshine to life my spirits. I didn't expect my spirits to be lifted for other reasons.  Not only did I have a chance to exercise the chops and catch up with fellow musicians, I got to talk to a few runners.
The first one I spoke to was one I met on the tube. He seemed a little nervous about running the marathon and confided to me that he hadn't had a pint of Guinness in twelve weeks. He was looking forward to the finishing line so he could quench his thirst. I jokingly asked if he had pasta for breakfast but he said he had a big pasta dinner Saturday evening and had eaten porridge for breakfast. I told him I admired his determination and self discipline and said I would be playing in the jazz band at the eleventh mile. He told me the entertainment on the side lines was what experiened runners talked about afterwards (it was his first marathon). It was a distraction from the pain and monatony of the run. We chatted for a bit longer about little things until his stop at King's Cross. Suddenly, I needed to know his name.
"Martin," he said.
"Good luck Martin," I said being a bad commuter and holding the door open, "I'll watch out for you!"
"I'll look forward to the eleventh mile," he said.
Suddenly, he leaned forward and kissed me.
OK, that last sentence I made up.* Martin did not kiss me (I wouldn't have minded if he did!) but he did ask my name and really did say he'd look out for me at the eleventh mile.
As it happened, there were so many runners and we were so busy playing (my chops are still swollen) that I didn't see him. But I did notice that the runners applauded for us as they passed by. They waved and shouted their thanks. And I played a little better because I remembered what Martin said about the distractions along a difficult journey.
I hope Martin made it. He was such a nice man.
There were other really emotionally touching things in the marathon that I never knew before. There were lots of wheelchair runners who were the first past us. Running a marathon on two healthy legs would be challenging enough but hand pedalling must be far more difficult. There were also blind runners who ran with guides. Again, such bravery for these runners and the sacrifice their guides were making made my eyes water.
The elite men runners came next. Of course we were playing when Mo Farah ran past and we completely missed him. I hope he remembers us when he talks about his efforts.
The elite women runners were next.
And then we started seeing alll sorts. The first costumed runner I saw was a Thunderbird--I read in the Metro that he had broken a record for being the fastest runner dressed as a TV character (David Stone 2:49:51). I also saw the guy carrying a refrigerator (Tony Phoenix-Morrison) and the fastest man in a wedding dress (Lee Goodwin 3:00:54). I'm pretty sure I saw a very fast man dressed as a tiger (Alex Collins 2:48:29) and if the man dressed up as lungs was Adam Giangreco (3:36:42) then I also saw the fastest runner dressed as an internal organ.
I was delighted that a few of the photos I managed to get on my i-phone were also taken by professional photographers. I got the telephone. . .

The man carrying a tiger

and a few notable others. . .The shark man

 A horse being carried by 4 runners. . .

By far, my favourite was the Janis Joplin look-a-like carrying a small red plastic trumpet. I don't know how she did but I hope she finished.
Oh and hats off to the Huddersfieldd marching band who played and marched and finished at 6:56:44. Give me a call next yesr, eh?

*I've been writing a lot of fiction during Easter break so sometimes my imagination gets a bit carried away. . .


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Oscar Pistorius, Peaches Geldolf and Mickey Rooney

In a previous blog, I summed up my astrological feelings for the fate of Oscar Pistorius. Now that his trial has started, I can't help but feel a bit of compassion for a man who is basically suffering a trial by the mass media (Uranus transiting the Moon of the crime). Worse, it seems to me, is his progressed Moon conjunct his Natal Moon in Leo--and transiting Moon in Leo over the past days. Drama Queen anyone? All this square to his Natal Venus: a crime (he DID kill Reeva after all) of passion. It all seems moot whether or not it was accidental. It is painful to hear and watch the fates of two families devasted by this.

Inexplicably, I'm having trouble uploading the quadri wheel with the Progressions. I'll try a bit later. Above is the tri wheel.
I've been endeavouring to update my blog three times per week to get more traffic to my website as a means to promote my book Growing Pains. Self promotion is an interesting notion. Interesting mostly because by star sign I am a Cancer (shy and home loving) but by Moon sign I am a Leo (an outgoing show off). My Sun and Moon are in mutual reception which kind of means there should be some sort of balance. Unfortunately for me this means I am torn between shouting from the rooftops: "Whoohoo! I am a published author!! Look at me!!" and "Go away and leave me alone so I can eat my cheese sandwich in peace".
Anyhoo. . .Peaches Geldolf. RIP. I am debating whether or not I should offer an astrological take. I have had a look of course but it just seems too much of an invasion of privacy--and mainly because she was so young, so tragic and the mother of two children who will have this terrible void in the lives for eternity. No matter how one tries to make up for this loss, it just won't happen. So any comments or encouragement either way would be welcome.
I don't have such trepidation with Mickey Rooney who spent all his 93 years in the spotlight. If anyone seems fair game, it's him. An astrological take on his life, work and financial disasters will be up in the next few days.
On a different note, I'm on holiday from school. I've been telling people I'm practicing for retirement. I like it lots, haha. I'm working on some fiction, re-doing the five year plan and applying to the council to do a loft entension. Exciting stuff, I know.



Friday, 4 April 2014


I've just seen tickets on sale for Glastonbury. I haven't been to the world famous festival since I became a teacher (as it falls during term time and I can't get the time off) but I do have fond memories of meeting really fantastic people like Nicky Big Top (who played the trumpet a 3am), seeing completely awesome performers (I will never forget the Medusa wannabes) and doing things I never would have done had I not been in a field (a-hem). Yes the toilets were pretty bad but not too awful considering how many people were using them (and the topic of going to the toilet had a curious way of levelling everyone). Yes the rain poured and the music never stopped (neither bothered me) but the food was great (if a little on the pricey side) and it was so cool to bump into friends in the midst of so many people. My children were young when were into the festivals but it was such a liberating thing to be away from cars and city noise and to be able to appreciate the stars in a way you just can't in the city.
Speaking of stars, I became friends with Jonathan Cainer at a festival (not Glastonbury but similar only much smaller). Regular readers of this blog and my website will know I am no fan of star sign columns but I really admired what Jon was doing--he was using astrology at its most basic form to reach out to and even teach non astrologers. Of course, he takes a lot of flak (and much of it he brings down on his own head) but he is such a great man. Watching him with his family, his huge circle of friends, fans, clingers on and other astrologers reminded me of how the planet Jupiter manages all its moons, captured asteroids and other objects. True aplomb and confidence!
As for the other astrologers at Glastonbury. . .I think we were just happy basking in Jon's light as opposed to sizzling in the direct glare as he had to do. We did sterling barefoot astrology furiously thumbing through our well worn ephemerides hunched in our rather groovy astro pods. There was even an astrologer who claimed to do "professional" readings completely naked (don't get too excited--there are people who have claimed to be traumatised by the sight of 70+ year old woman stalking across the field in her birthday suit) and with spliff in hand. Needless to say, it was very early days in my teaching career and I was ever conscious of my flegling career and pretended to be normal.
I suppose the most eye opening thing about the big festivals is the mess that gets left behind. We humans are, after all, just big animals who eat and shit a lot--no matter how hygienic we think we are. Seeing the massive amounts of rubbish, abandoned tents and debris left behind was heart breaking. But there was great comraderie amongst the clean up crew and although it took a good few weeks, the earth had pretty much recovered from the trauma of thoughtless humans, ready for the next year!
Festivals like Glastonbury gave me hope for humanity and even though my festival days are on hold, I know I will have to return to see how things are going. If you're going to Glastonbury, drop me a line and let me know what you got up to. . .If it's your first time, be prepared for a life changing experience!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Let them eat (space) cake

So I found this groovy recipe for making Jupiter (and other planets) cakes. I think I'm going to have to give it a try when I do my next talk at the Astrological Lodge of London as it coincides with the final Jupiter conjunction of my return!