Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Oscar Pistorius, Peaches Geldolf and Mickey Rooney

In a previous blog, I summed up my astrological feelings for the fate of Oscar Pistorius. Now that his trial has started, I can't help but feel a bit of compassion for a man who is basically suffering a trial by the mass media (Uranus transiting the Moon of the crime). Worse, it seems to me, is his progressed Moon conjunct his Natal Moon in Leo--and transiting Moon in Leo over the past days. Drama Queen anyone? All this square to his Natal Venus: a crime (he DID kill Reeva after all) of passion. It all seems moot whether or not it was accidental. It is painful to hear and watch the fates of two families devasted by this.

Inexplicably, I'm having trouble uploading the quadri wheel with the Progressions. I'll try a bit later. Above is the tri wheel.
I've been endeavouring to update my blog three times per week to get more traffic to my website as a means to promote my book Growing Pains. Self promotion is an interesting notion. Interesting mostly because by star sign I am a Cancer (shy and home loving) but by Moon sign I am a Leo (an outgoing show off). My Sun and Moon are in mutual reception which kind of means there should be some sort of balance. Unfortunately for me this means I am torn between shouting from the rooftops: "Whoohoo! I am a published author!! Look at me!!" and "Go away and leave me alone so I can eat my cheese sandwich in peace".
Anyhoo. . .Peaches Geldolf. RIP. I am debating whether or not I should offer an astrological take. I have had a look of course but it just seems too much of an invasion of privacy--and mainly because she was so young, so tragic and the mother of two children who will have this terrible void in the lives for eternity. No matter how one tries to make up for this loss, it just won't happen. So any comments or encouragement either way would be welcome.
I don't have such trepidation with Mickey Rooney who spent all his 93 years in the spotlight. If anyone seems fair game, it's him. An astrological take on his life, work and financial disasters will be up in the next few days.
On a different note, I'm on holiday from school. I've been telling people I'm practicing for retirement. I like it lots, haha. I'm working on some fiction, re-doing the five year plan and applying to the council to do a loft entension. Exciting stuff, I know.




bix said...

yes, please writer about peaches. there seems to be some similarities between her and paula yates, her mother. and not just a mere drug connection past.

as for mickey rooney, it would be nice to see if there was any astrological aspects in his evolution from actor to senior rights activist.

thank you.

meg said...

I'm watching this Pistorius trial for another reason: To observe how true justice has been lost in our legal systems. Those called democratic legal systems. While OP may or may not have murdered his girlfriend, why destroy him as well? Another life destroyed by the prison system? I believe he needs to be held accountable, but not destroyed. We've confused revenge for justice. Again he needs to be held accountable for whatever his actions were that night. But destroy yet another young life, to save another that is already gone? What's the point?

Alex said...

Hi Bix,
There are always lots of similarities between mothers and daughters and very often a "family signature between the generations. The problem is a time of birth hasn't been released for Peaches so I'd only be going on speculation/rectification.
As for Mickey--yes, the transition between actor and activist will be interesting although I think it is probably wrapped up in his Uranus return. I will be looking into it.
Best Wishes--and thanks for your comment,

Alex said...

Hi Meg,
Oscar's website message is so sad:

As I said in a roundabout way in my initial post--Oscar doesn't need to spend the rest of his life in prison to live in hell

Thanks for popping in.

Best Wishes,