Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Still Whoopsie

I'm still behind! Arrrrgggggg. . .

OK, so now we are at an ashram in Rishikesh in India (where the Beatles travelled to in the 1960s!!). The ashram is beautiful if a little rustic: the accommodation is basic as is the food but the meditation sessions have been incredible!! But the internet has been a little, um, competitive and therefore slow.

I will share a photo or two. This is of me wearing the gold and diamond necklace and emerald and diamond earrings given to me by my host at the Krishnamirti Institute as a prize for "Best International Astrologer 2015". I am, of course, bursting with pride and wanted to share with you the benefits of embracing your Jupiter transits. I'm so glad I had the faith to let go of a situation that simply was not working for me and accepting a few months of uncertainty. I've had to re-shift goals and re-prioritise certain objectives but overall, well. . . just look at the benefits!

Oh yeah. . .and um, I finally got a tiara!

Guess who has Progressed Moon on Algol?

Really sorry if you've been dropping in for daily horoscopes and they haven't been posted!! I am still in India and have been busy at the Silver Jubilee of the Krishnamirti Astrology Seminar! And I have news. . .yours truly was voted "Best International Astrologer, 2015" by the Krishnamirti Institute. Being the ever good astrologer (a-hem), I of course immediately checked the ephemeris for the moment I was called up on stage--and yes, yes, yes my progressed Moon in conjunct Algol!! So far my head remains firmly attached to my shoulders! And of course, as I have always said, Algol doesn't always mean a literal decapitation (thank goodness). It also signals that my progressed Moon will be moving out of Taurus for me soon and into the much more comfortable sign (for me, being a Mercurial person) of Gemini and will leave the 12th house shortly afterward. The photo shows me collecting the second certificate and trophy for honourary Jyotish Master of Astrology. Of course I am just absolutely delighted.

As for the star signs--I don't think there's much point in publishing them after the day. I will try to catch up and keep up. I will post a few more photos from the conference for Monday. Do forgive me for being a naughty (if very busy), reluctant star sign columnist!!

By the way, if you're missing the column, I would love it if you could leave a comment. Otherwise I might be able to use the excuse not enough people are interested and therefore it is not worth my time writing them! Thanks x