Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Still Whoopsie

I'm still behind! Arrrrgggggg. . .

OK, so now we are at an ashram in Rishikesh in India (where the Beatles travelled to in the 1960s!!). The ashram is beautiful if a little rustic: the accommodation is basic as is the food but the meditation sessions have been incredible!! But the internet has been a little, um, competitive and therefore slow.

I will share a photo or two. This is of me wearing the gold and diamond necklace and emerald and diamond earrings given to me by my host at the Krishnamirti Institute as a prize for "Best International Astrologer 2015". I am, of course, bursting with pride and wanted to share with you the benefits of embracing your Jupiter transits. I'm so glad I had the faith to let go of a situation that simply was not working for me and accepting a few months of uncertainty. I've had to re-shift goals and re-prioritise certain objectives but overall, well. . . just look at the benefits!

Oh yeah. . .and um, I finally got a tiara!

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