Monday, 22 September 2008

Medieval Boy Toys

I don't know about this. . .
Chris Mitchell says he was giving a lecture on Medieval astrology and the methods used at that time but I think he looks like he's having an awful lot of fun at the AA conference!

However, Chris is such a wonderful friend, even if he's never kissed me. Oh wait. . .he has kissed me. . .at Sue Farebrother's party.

Oh man, I've got to keep my lips to myself! No wait. That would be no fun!

Love ya Chris! And to prove it. . .here's a very special Mars conjunct Moon in the eighth house joke!
A man stumbled into the emergency room dressed in a medieval bard's outfit, clutching his stomach with one hand and moaning in agony. With his free hand he was clutching a lute, which he dropped on the floor in front of the nurse's station. He then collapsed in a heap on the floor, rolled himself into a fetal position, and began to moan much louder. Fearing serious food poisoning, doctors quickly brought a stretcher out and rolled him into the bowels of the ER. Half an hour later, the man walked past the nurse and out the door, whistling happily to himself. Noticing that the man looked much healthier, the nurse asked one of the doctors what was ailing the man.

The doctor shrugged and said "nothing big....just minstrel cramps."

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