Saturday, 16 February 2013

Where I've been. . .

Well, I've been a little busy. I know, I know. . .no excuse for neglecting my blog.

So these are my excuses. . .

Firstly--and this is more a boast than an excuse--my book "Growing Pains" will be out soon and it even has a front cover.
Just have a look to the left.

Yup, that's my baby with only a few more edits (I keep finding mistakes and adding things) to go. But it has a front cover I love and it sort of merges my career as a teacher and astrologer in 70,000 words.

Way back in September, just a few days before we were due to return to the classroom, my beloved turned to me and said: "Let's go check out this guy who thinks he has found an ancient alien skull!"

Oh boy, I thought, I can think of more useful things to do during the last few days of summer hols. but Nonetheless, I tagged along and was treated to a presentation by the really lovely Lloyd Pye and his Starchild presentation. What an eye-opening experience!

Next, over the summer I had my beloved trumpet, Wynton, fixed up and shined up so I could start playing in the South London Jazz Orchestra again. Well he shined up like, uh, a new penny. He looked so good that I just had to take him on a tour to Liverpool for a gig. And what a blast (geddit?) was had. We played at a beer festival on the Saturday and in a giant greenhouse on the Sunday.

It was such fun and the really cool thing is that we have been invited back again.

And there's more gigs to come.
Just before Christmas, the very same beloved who dragged me off to see Llyod Pye, turned to me and said: "Let's go see the Nutcracker!"

This time I balked a bit more strenuously.

"Ballet!!" I scoffed. "Yuk!"

I save the details of my protestations but am I ever glad he persuaded me to go.

The music, the costumes, the dancing!! Halfway through the show, my face itched so I gave a quick scratch and realised the tickle were my tears. Yes I was moved!

Next, I went to Venice (yes Venice) for Christmas. It was spectacular and it was perfect: very few tourists, nice people and the weather wasn't too bad.

So, you see, I have been living out my Venus in Gemini and have kept busy doing the things I love to do.

Now can someone just tell me to get cracking on the FAS exam?


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