Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Yup, my Jupiter return is finished. . .

I've said it before but I'll say it again. . .I loved my 4th Jupiter return. I had three conjunctions of transit Jupiter to my natal Jupiter so what could be just a fleeting thing actually lasted for nearly a year. In that time, I published a book, wriggled my way into the AA conference, ISAR and more recently State of the Art astrology conference in Niagara Falls, visited about 15 local astrology groups both great and small but perfectly formed. I finished it at the Astrological Lodge of London with a barnstorming delivery of a lecture to my home crowd.

My 3rd Jupiter return wasn't been too bad either: I started a new career in teaching, got divorced, bought a flat and did a lot of travelling. Yes, I had a bit of a re-boot because my 2nd Jupiter return that was a bit of a no starter. I did achieve my goal of moving to England (within a few days of the return--which I hadn't realised was happening at that time) and I had children but I was--or at least felt--really stuck. My first Jupiter return I was 11 years old. . .wish I knew then what I know now!!

I'm writing this down because I can be a little hard on myself and can let ingratitude enter.

Yes, I had a shit day. I'm tired, discouraged and pretty pissed off. Yup, my Jupiter return has definitely finished and now I have to deal with Saturn doing the boogie woogie all over my fluffy cosy Neptune. What does that feel like I hear you ask? Well it feels like I could use a drink and if it weren't a school night, I might have two or five. It feels like someone has abused their authority and kicked me in the teeth.

Oh wait, that IS what happened (except the part about having two or five--it is a school night after all).

On a completely different note. . .I forgot all about Sun on Algol this year. As far as I know, nothing much happened. Except these people were walking around with decapitated swans on their heads. . .

I just wanted to thank all the people who have subscribed to my blog. I'm not always so moany. Most of my days are really good and Whitsun break is coming up so I'll have the mental space to update a bit more often. Oh yeah--and I got a new computer too!! An Apple Mac if you must know--in all this time, I've been a Microsoft girl.

Oh and I really needed to see this:

Now I think I can go home in a better frame of mind.

UPDATE, 21 May 2017

Facebook reminded me that it has been THREE YEARS since I wrote this post!! I remember writing this post with tears streaming down my face. I remember being terrified of the future, of thinking my life and career as a teacher was over and that I should just incinerate my book because I just knew I had no chance of being a successful author. But most of all I remember being extraordinarily unhappy for several months before I felt there was no other viable option than to walk out that door and into the unknown. There is just no comparison to my life three years ago to now. What? I forgot about Algol? Well that certainly showed my state of mind on that very bad day!!

Today I'm packing for a 6 week tour of the US (my 3rd visit to the US in 7 months) starting with NORWAC, then visiting several NCGR groups and finishing with The San Francisco Astrological Society. I've just finished several webinars with some of the biggest and most prestigious astrology groups in the world (MISPA, CIA and Kepler College). I spoke at The Kepler Conference (and have been invited back) with some of the finest research minds on the planet--the ones who will be putting astrology back where it belongs in academia. My second book is coming out soon. I've been on five continents (I've been invited to do a conference on a sixth in 2019), I won a major prize in India and now I'm helping to organise not only one of the biggest astrology conferences but the one that will have a huge and far-reaching impact (and yesterday my boss told me he was very happy with all my hard work and how well I am doing). Today, in my teaching career, I call the shots. I work where, when and how I like. I take days off when I need them and I'm paid almost the same amount I was paid when I was killing myself in full time teaching. And I work far fewer hours than I used to and I am far more effective as a teacher.

So as I reflect on this bad day that happened 3 years ago (it took me about three months to learn how to smile again!!), I find it a strange irony that the people who caused this bad day have done nothing much with their lives except the same old thing they have always done. What do I have to say about that? Well they can carry on with pretending they are enjoying their lives.

A day like this calls for just a little pictorial reminder of the things I've done since this very bad day. Some people might call it a little salt in the wounds for sad people who think they can bring me down.
I won a tiara presented by a Delhi High Court judge and a prominent politician
I've been on some very big stages!

White water rafting in The Ganges
I gave the opening lecture at a conference in Portugal
My groovy audience in Australia

Rob Hand asked me to sign my book for him!!

Dinner in Cape Town with people I now regard as being a part of my family

Reflecting on how beautiful life is in Melbourne.
OK, I've said what I needed to say. . .and now it's time to be grateful for embracing change and moving on. The Great Goddess has a wonderful knack of showing me what is important.

I have packing to do!

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