Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Still Smilin’

So tomorrow I leave for Phoenix Arizona!! A lot of people have been asking if I’m excited about going “home”. Home? London is my home! It may not be where I was born but it is where my heart loves to live.
Having said that, I am UBER excited to be visiting the US. My excitement takes me by surprise because I’ve never been terribly interested in the US, hate my stupid accent (I’ve been threatening for years to take elocution lessons) and I’ve had absolutely no interest in going anywhere in the US. So while I was thinking about why I’m interested in the US all over sudden, it dawned on me that this is the start of my third Jupiter return living in the UK. And I also remembered that I will be visiting people I haven’t seen for a full Saturn cycle.
And of course, Transiting Jupiter is all over my natal Mercury and will be transiting my Moon by conjunction in a few months.
So this is my itinerary. I have some wriggle room because things are still falling into place.
25 September, evening: arrive in Phoenix
26 September: conference
27 September: conference
28 September: Conference
29 September: exploring Phoenix, meeting an old friend, party at Ray Merriman’s (woohoo!!)
30 September: tour of Grand Canyon
1 Oct: tour of Grand Canyon
2 Oct: tour of Grand Canyon (ends in Las Vegas), Cirque Du Soleil show
3 Oct: Hoover Dam, overnight to Long Beach
4 Oct: see an old friend
5 Oct: LA
6 Oct: San Diego (for an afternoon in Tijuana)
7 Oct: San Francisco (lunar eclipse in early morning—going to have a BEAUTIFUL view!)
8 Oct: San Francisco
9 Oct: LONG train journey to Seattle, dinner at the Space Needle
10 Oct: Vancouver to watch the whales
11 Oct: Internal flight to Bozeman for Yellowstone National Park
12 Oct: Yellowstone National Park
13 Oct: Salt Lake City
14 Oct: Albuquerque
15 Oct
16 Oct: Austin (to see an old friend) to New Orleans
17 Oct: New Orleans
18 Oct: Atlanta (to do some research)
19 Oct: Atlanta (to do some research)
20 Oct: Atlanta (to do some research)
21 Oct: Nashville
22 Oct: Memphis
23 Oct: travel to Niagara Falls for SOTA conference
24 Oct: SOTA conference
25 Oct: SOTA conference
26 Oct: Touristy things in Niagara Falls with my parents then to Port Huron
27 Oct: Kalamazoo
28 Oct: Port Huron
29 Oct: Port Huron
30 Oct: To Toronto then on to Boston
31 Oct: Halloween in Salem Massachusetts!!
1 Nov: Salem
2 Nov: Portland Maine
3 Nov: Concord Massachusetts
4 Nov: New York City
5 Nov: New York City
6 Nov: New York City
7 Nov: Philadelphia
8 Nov: Philadelphia
9 Nov: Boston
10 Nov: Leave for London
11 Nov: arrive in London! Playing Last Post at Walthamstow Town Hall then going to Beaconsfield to give a lecture

And then it’s back to work! Hopefully I will have caught up on the mountain of unfinished writing projects and other stuff that got sidelined over the past few years.
I’ll be posting on facebook, writing the blog, getting back to Don’t Sweat It, Planet (been a little too busy these past few weeks!)  and probably tweeting as well (although I don’t really know how to use twitter very well!!).

So catch you later x

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