Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Full Moon Fever Ahead

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When the Moon is Full, it means it is in an opposition aspect to the Sun. Representing our emotions, intuition and motherly instinct, the Moon in this phase reflects our journey of the inner self at its halfway point. We are evaluating the harvest of our hard work and figuring out what went well and what we could do better. For this reason, the days before and after the Full Moon can feel a little stressful. The upcoming Full Moon in Cancer on 5th January 2015 (first Full Moon of the year!!) is a strong one and it stands in opposition to both the Sun and the God of the Underworld himself, Pluto whilst being square to Uranus (thus making a contentious T-square formation).
I have been saying in “Growing Pains” lectures for some time now that the Uranus-Pluto square demands that we have an honest look at what Mary Whitehouse was telling us way back during the conjunction between these two planets (in the mid sixties). If you remember, she was vilified for her conservative views on protecting children from what they were seeing on the television. Astrologically, Uranus rules technology whilst Pluto represents the hidden side of human nature: death, sex and other people’s money. Through the seven-fold square dance between these heavyweight planets over the past few years, we are just starting to understand the effect of the internet and hand held devices on our children. And we haven’t even scratched the surface of it yet. There’s much more to come in mid March 2015 with the final tango of this Uranus-Pluto square.
This particular Full Moon is stressful because it makes us look deeply into ourselves and face some very troubling truths. And yes, because Uranus and Pluto are implicated in this chapter of the journey, the care of our children is at stake.


Has your impatience and audacity in the workplace paid off? Chances are you are feeling you’ve rather over egged the bureaucratic pudding and are feeling a little silly for doing so. No time to feel sorry for yourself—push on and don’t lose your courage. But perhaps you could leave the oppositional defiant disorder for another day. Your boss is getting annoyed. Taking chances is all well and good if the rewards are truly worth the risks.

If you are planning a holiday or looking to start an educational course, it’s time to read the fine print. It isn’t easy to pull the wool over your eyes but these days, you need to put your reading glasses on. What you thought was a good, dependable investment may not be what it seems under scrutiny.  Also on your mind might be some ideas for home improvements. It’s a great idea but it needs some careful research and no matter how good it looks in the sales, make sure you look at a potential purchase thoroughly before you buy.

Finances have never been your thing because to you the ability to share information in all important. This month you will be confronted with all kinds of financial questions, ideas and speculations. It’s not your thing but you are being challenged to get to grips with it. Ignoring it will not make it go away. In fact, that kind of head in the sand tactic will only mean the problem gets much worse. It might be scary to face such huge, uncertain problems head on but if you can only hold them to the light, you will be rewarded.

As the Big Mother of the zodiac, you have always been willing to offer comfort to all creatures. As the Full Moon approaches, you may feel under scrutiny for your actions. Did you love enough? Or were you accepting when you should have been sharply critical? Children are notoriously ungrateful and judgmental. The challenge for you is to decide who is right and who needs a cold shoulder until an apology is offered.

The Full Moon questions your commitment to both your significant others and your workplace.  Despite the odd flaw here and there, you are magnificently generous person who wants to give of your time and talents. But you want to do it on your own terms and very often that means you want the credit for what you do. But what if you had to do everything with not so much as a little ‘thank you’? Would you still do it if nobody noticed? The temptation you face is to do something completely outrageous just to get a little attention. Don’t even think about it, Leo.

You have an excellent critical eye that can spot the smallest of flaws in even the grandest of schemes. You don’t like to say ‘I told you so’ too often but as you watch your friends bumbling through their romances, you can’t help but smirk and tell them you saw it coming. Resist that urge—it’s not worth wrecking your friendship.  What would be far more helpful would be to be the shoulder to cry on when it’s needed over the next few days. You’ll get your chance to say your piece but for now, use you compassionate common sense.

Being the peacemaker is a tough job but someone has to do it when everyone else has their hands full being seriously provocative. Family members are even colleagues continue their antics and worse, demanding that you take sides—and your significant other stands by in the sidelines watching the drama as if it were some sort of scientific experiment gone haywire. Do yourself a little favour and detach yourself, make some popcorn and enjoy the excitement without becoming personally involved.

You’re still breathing that sigh of relief that the crisis seems to be over. But don’t too comfortable. You have an awful lot to say and while you might think it’s just gentle banter, others are seriously offended and hurt by your opinions--even if they don’t react straight away. It may feel good to you to get things off your chest but you need to bear in mind your audience has a very good memory and your words may come back to haunt you. Button it for the moment. You’ll have your chance to say what you really mean another day.

Just when you think you got your finances in order BOOM, another crisis pops up. Being responsible for others sure puts a dampener on your freedom, doesn’t it? But the good news is that you can handle a crisis efficiently and effectively and very often without even breaking a sweat. Your professional skills may not seem to be useful in your own home but if you put them to good use, they will serve you well. Be cool baby and never let them see you sweat.

So you’re the one causing all these problems! You’re so ordered and structured (most of the time) that you feel very virtuous for following absolutely every rule in the book while just about everyone who has broken those same rules are in a crisis. Well played—but you’re not off the hook. Being the only secure one in the home means you have to dig everybody else out of the pit. And that’s going to cost you. The problem is that the more money you invest in solving the problem, the more costs keep going up until you’re forced to quite dramatically cut off the ties. Remember, you’re the one with the clout to call the shots.

To serve of be served? Neither of these options is to your liking but sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and do as you’re told. That is not to say you can’t add your own personal flair. In fact, you won’t be able to resist doing just that. As the propeller head techie of the zodiac, you have the ability to help the world come to grips with the crisis that is facing us. This is your chance to step up to the plate and tell us how to use technology to benefit the world rather than sharing photos of our cats of social networking sites.

Your idealism can often give people the impression your head is in the clouds (and they might be right) but your ability to keep the faith even under the harshest of fire keeps the rest of us buoyant. Everyone should thank you but, as you let people take advantage of you, you go unappreciated yet again. But only if you decide to let it happen. This Full Moon, your creativity knows no bounds and whilst it can be a bit daunting to get your stuff ‘out there’ it’s time you received the recognition you deserve. Go for it Pisces.

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