Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius: Taking the Centaur by the Bollocks

I'm going to start this blog post with a little confession: I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 6th house (don't worry, the interpretation will soon become clear). Now, to anyone who has ever seen any of my three desks (home, school and portable) after a busy day, this will come as no shock. I live a rather hectic life and if I don't keep on top of things, well chaos ensues. I can also be a little, ah, obsessional with whatever I'm working on until I get what I want to do completely done. I'll do things like get up in the middle of the night (ahem) and work until 4 or 5pm before I realise I haven't eaten anything. Yeah I do stupid shit like that because structuring my day into something sustainable just doesn't occur to me. 
So yesterday, after a very hectic week of conferences and travel, was one of those days that I got little intense. The focus of my intensity was trying to complete a newsletter that my new and technogeek friend Tony Howard convinced me was absolutely essential to "drive traffic to my website". Now there must have been some glimmer or something in Tony's eyes that persuaded me to do a newsletter as soon as "You should totally do a newsletter" was out of his mouth. I was like a woman possessed. The problem was--and here is where Neptune in the 6th becomes even more clear--I had no idea what I was doing. Don't get me wrong: I know what a newsletter is (and Tony and I agree that I will have no problem coming up with content for the next 50 years), the problem is I haven't got a clue about format.

Did I let this stop me?

Hell no.

I carefully demonstrated a perfect mastery of my Saturn in Pisces via Publisher by adding links, beautiful photos and lalalala to my newsletter but it wasn't until I was proudly showing Tony the results of my work that  I realised I had created something pretty useless for the purpose that I wanted to use it for: mainly to send it out to the good folks on my mailing list.

This is pretty funny. Yeah, I get that. Haha, she works all day and creates something completely useless.

I'll just wait until you stop laughing.

Anyhoooo. . .I converted everything to a jpeg and posted it here. Nah it ain't what I wanted but I hate to waste my pretty work. I'll have to manually add in the links (again) another day and as I'm flying out to see my buddy Tim later today, the links aren't likely to appear any time this weekend. But there's always Monday when I'll be between long haul flights (LA to London and London to Cape Town if you're curious) at some airport or another (it's all rather blurring together now).

The gist of what I'm trying to say in my newsletter is:

1) I'm having a great time living a jet set lifestyle which I have always wanted to do
2) I'm so lucky to have such cool people to hang out with
3) I love the Astrological Journal
4) I am up to a lot of shit (woohoo!)
5) I write a lot of shit (here's some teasers for bigger articles on my website)
6) And oh, here are some star signs
7) By the way, I'm available to do astrology, tarot and palmistry readings--here's a million ways to contact me if you're interested

Perhaps that's all I needed to say.

You're welcome

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