Sunday, 10 April 2016

My Groovy Graduates

So much has happened in the past few months but I've only just realised I was in desperate need of updating my biography on my website.

In this process, I also realised that I totally forgot to formally announce the names of the groovy graduates from my "Astrology in Education" workshop held in Melbourne Australia on the 20 February 2016.

The event was organised by the incredible Head Agent of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Julija Simas and hosted by the wonderful Louise Senior at My Sacred Space healing centre.

My intention in teaching this workshop was to train astrologers of any level how to use astrology to teach and engage young people (of all ages) in a manner that would suit their learning needs. I did this in a few ways: firstly, by grounding the pupils through their own Saturn sign so they could understand their own inner disciplinarian and then through looking at the signs of Jupiter so they could recognise how Jupiter can be used to give their own students the confidence to learn in their own unique style. I explained brain development in adolescence and how it corresponded with transits of Saturn and Jupiter. I also went through case studies to show how retrograde, stationing and forward motion of Jupiter and Saturn could vary from person to person and how this knowledge can be used to provide guidance at the right time. Being a data nerd, I was also able to show how the behaviour of the younger pupils (ages 11-13) in secondary school varies significantly from the older pupils (ages 14-16). I also revealed some very surprising results on lunar phases and behaviour. I used further case studies to demonstrate the astrological hallmarks of anorexia, violence, dyslexia, addiction and explained why adolescents who have not experienced their final Saturn opposition should be given special dispensation should they commit a crime. I argued that there is a way to help troubled children at key areas in their lives so they grow into happy and well adjusted adults.

This was my first one day work shop but I was absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm that the pupils used to embrace these new and unconventional ideas. I was made to feel so welcome and as always, what a pleasure it is to work with pupils who are willing to put themselves "out there" to learn and experience new astrological techniques.

To show how happy I was with them, there was only one way a teacher could let them know it: by giving them certificates!!

So here are the names in the very first "Astrology in Education" graduating class of 2016:

Jacqui Spencer
Sara Gilbert
Lisa Simmons
Michelle Negri
Jayne Richardson
Rebecca Best
Diana Mattea
Vivian Hull
Louise Senior
Deborah James
Susan Kotrba
Suzie Galatopoula
Julija Simas

Well done groovy graduates!! And thank you so much for being so good!! I have no doubt you are now ready to show others how astrology can help educate even the most challenging pupils!
PS Is you're interested in hosting an "Astrology in Education" workshop, why not drop me a line?

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