Wednesday, 28 May 2008


I know it's the end of May in London but can't we have a little break from grey skies? Reminds me of a joke I once heard. . .

Jupiter in Pisces in 9th square Neptune in 12th

A very religious man wanted to prove his faith in God. So, he tied himself to a pylon in the ocean, with the water up to his chest. As the tide started to come in, a boat came by.

The man in the boat said, "Hey, what are you doing? Get in my boat and I will save you." At which time the man said that he had total faith in God and that He would not let him drown. As the water neared his head, another boat came by. The man stopped and said the same thing. To which the near drowning man stated,

"I have total faith in my God. He will not let me drown."

So, the boat went away. A third boat came by. This boater was frantic, being that the water was lapping at the man's nose. But the response was the same. As the last boat left, the water rose above his head and the man drowned. Walking around Heaven, the man was clearly confused. Then he saw God.

"Lord, I had total faith in You. Why would You let me down like that? You made no effort to stop the tide!"

At which time God stated, "Holy Cow, man, what more did you want from Me? I sent you three boats!!!"

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